University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

About Postage Transactions:

The entries found here are compiled from four sources:

1. The US Post Office web site, which provides information about standard mailings and permit renewal charges in counties whose post offices can access the electronic CAPS account that the college has established (there are 55 "CAPS" counties),

2. Postage which the college reimburses to counties for standard mailings through post offices that have no access to the CAPS account (there are 42 "non-CAPS" counties),

3. Hasler monthly meter account reports, which detail the dates and amounts of postage that counties download to their postage meters, and

4. Permit renewal fee credits entered for non-CAPS counties.

Please notify Rhesa King ( of any errors or discrepancies you find.

Permit Renewal Fees

Mail permits are renewed annually.

In counties whose post offices can access the CAPS system, the fees are automatically deducted from the college's account.

Non-CAPS counties will receive a notice from their local post office that their permit fee is due. Although the college does not directly reimburse non-CAPS counties for this cost, the amount will be "credited" to the county at year-end if a copy of the receipt is sent to Rhesa King. Be sure to write your county name and 5-digit federal ID code on the receipt.

6/5/2018 McLean County$225.00 Permit renewal
3/24/2018 Morgan County$225.00 Permit renewal
3/3/2018 Graves County$225.00 Permit renewal
2/27/2018 Research Center, Princeton$225.00 Permit renewal
2/23/2018 Rowan County$225.00 Permit renewal
2/10/2018 Floyd County$225.00 Permit renewal
2/1/2018 Allen County$225.00 Permit renewal
1/27/2018 Grant County$225.00 Permit renewal
1/9/2018 Simpson County$225.00 Permit renewal
1/9/2018 Menifee County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/30/2017 Bourbon County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/23/2017 Monroe County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/22/2017 Logan County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/12/2017 Calloway County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/8/2017 Nelson County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/7/2017 Estill County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/7/2017 Fleming County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/6/2017 Todd County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/5/2017 Mason County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/2/2017 McCreary County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/1/2017 Greenup County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/1/2017 Crittenden County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/30/2017 Bell County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/30/2017 Oldham County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/29/2017 McCracken County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/29/2017 Christian County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/13/2017 Distribution Center$225.00 Permit renewal
11/9/2017 Lee County($225.00) Permit renewal credit
11/9/2017 Henderson County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/8/2017 Montgomery County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/7/2017 Casey County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/7/2017 Christian FMG$225.00 Permit renewal
11/4/2017 Franklin County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/4/2017 Taylor County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/2/2017 Trimble County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/1/2017 Mercer County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/1/2017 Clark County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/1/2017 Woodford County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/1/2017 Laurel County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/31/2017 Pulaski County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2017 Grayson County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2017 Adair County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/27/2017 Shelby County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/27/2017 Daviess County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/27/2017 Harrison County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/26/2017 Warren County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/26/2017 Madison County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/26/2017 Muhlenberg County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/26/2017 Green County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/26/2017 Hardin County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2017 Henry County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2017 Scott County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2017 Russell County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/21/2017 Garrard County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/21/2017 Ohio County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/20/2017 Meade County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/19/2017 Larue County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/18/2017 Owen County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2017 Fayette County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/5/2017 Spencer County$225.00 Permit renewal
9/30/2017 Breathitt County$225.00 Permit renewal
9/29/2017 Owsley County$225.00 Permit renewal
8/30/2017 Jessamine County$225.00 Permit renewal
8/25/2017 Johnson County$225.00 Permit renewal
6/27/2017 Carlisle County$225.00 Permit renewal
5/9/2017 McLean County$225.00 Permit renewal
3/10/2017 Lewis County$225.00 Permit renewal
3/2/2017 Morgan County$225.00 Permit renewal
1/25/2017 Floyd County$225.00 Permit renewal
1/16/2017 Grant County$215.00 Permit renewal
1/7/2017 Menifee County$215.00 Permit renewal
12/16/2016 Bourbon County$215.00 Permit renewal
12/12/2016 Rowan County$215.00 Permit renewal
12/4/2016 Fleming County$215.00 Permit renewal
11/11/2016 Mason County$215.00 Permit renewal
11/2/2016 Robertson County$215.00 Permit renewal
11/1/2016 Estill County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/30/2016 McCreary County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/29/2016 Franklin County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/29/2016 Clark County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/29/2016 Christian FMG$215.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2016 Hart County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/25/2016 Nelson County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/25/2016 Whitley County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2016 Bell County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/23/2016 Woodford County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/23/2016 Mercer County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/23/2016 Laurel County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/21/2016 Wayne County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/18/2016 Calloway County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2016 Madison County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2016 Henderson County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2016 Shelby County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2016 Green County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2016 McCracken County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2016 Montgomery County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2016 Ohio County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2016 Muhlenberg County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2016 Scott County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2016 Simpson County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2016 Adair County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2016 Grayson County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2016 Taylor County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2016 Garrard County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2016 Fayette County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2016 Graves County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2016 Allen County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2016 Distribution Center$215.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2016 Logan County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/13/2016 Greenup County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/11/2016 Daviess County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/11/2016 Monroe County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/11/2016 Pulaski County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/11/2016 Owen County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2016 Meade County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2016 Harrison County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2016 Hardin County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2016 Larue County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2016 Christian County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2016 Crittenden County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2016 Jefferson County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2016 Warren County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2016 Russell County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/2/2016 Oldham County$215.00 Permit renewal
10/1/2016 Trimble County$215.00 Permit renewal
9/10/2016 Casey County$215.00 Permit renewal
8/31/2016 Spencer County$215.00 Permit renewal
8/26/2016 Caldwell County($215.00) Permit renewal credit
8/20/2016 Johnson County$215.00 Permit renewal
8/9/2016 Breckinridge County($215.00) Permit renewal credit
8/5/2016 Lee County($215.00) Permit renewal credit
4/1/2016 McLean County$225.00 Permit renewal
3/1/2016 Morgan County$225.00 Permit renewal
1/22/2016 Floyd County$225.00 Permit renewal
1/15/2016 Grant County$225.00 Permit renewal
1/6/2016 Menifee County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/15/2015 Bourbon County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/11/2015 Rowan County$225.00 Permit renewal
12/3/2015 Fleming County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/10/2015 Mason County$225.00 Permit renewal
11/1/2015 Robertson County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/31/2015 Estill County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/29/2015 McCreary County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2015 Clark County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2015 Boyle County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2015 Franklin County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2015 Christian FMG$225.00 Permit renewal
10/27/2015 Hart County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/26/2015 Leslie County($225.00) Permit renewal credit
10/24/2015 Whitley County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2015 Nelson County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/23/2015 Bell County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2015 Woodford County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2015 Laurel County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2015 Mercer County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/20/2015 Wayne County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2015 Calloway County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2015 Madison County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2015 Henderson County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2015 Green County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2015 Shelby County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2015 Ohio County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2015 Adair County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2015 McCracken County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2015 Montgomery County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2015 Muhlenberg County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2015 Scott County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2015 Simpson County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2015 Allen County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2015 Graves County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2015 Grayson County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2015 Distribution Center$225.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2015 Garrard County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2015 Fayette County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2015 Hopkins County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2015 Logan County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2015 Taylor County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/12/2015 Greenup County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2015 Monroe County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2015 Pulaski County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2015 Owen County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2015 Daviess County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2015 Jessamine County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2015 Meade County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2015 Hardin County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2015 Harrison County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2015 Larue County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2015 Jefferson County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2015 Crittenden County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2015 Christian County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2015 Warren County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2015 Pike County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2015 Russell County$225.00 Permit renewal
10/7/2015 Webster County($225.00) Permit renewal credit
10/6/2015 Caldwell County($225.00) Permit renewal credit
10/1/2015 Oldham County$225.00 Permit renewal
9/30/2015 Trimble County$225.00 Permit renewal
9/30/2015 Gallatin County$225.00 Permit renewal
9/13/2015 Breckinridge County($225.00) Permit renewal credit
9/9/2015 Casey County$225.00 Permit renewal
8/30/2015 Spencer County$225.00 Permit renewal
8/28/2015 Henry County($225.00) Permit renewal credit
8/19/2015 Johnson County$225.00 Permit renewal
5/29/2015 Lee County($220.00) Permit renewal credit
4/1/2015 McLean County$220.00 Permit renewal
3/1/2015 Morgan County$220.00 Permit renewal
2/19/2015 Estill County$100.00 Permit renewal
1/22/2015 Floyd County$220.00 Permit renewal
1/15/2015 Grant County$220.00 Permit renewal
1/6/2015 Menifee County$220.00 Permit renewal
12/15/2014 Bourbon County$220.00 Permit renewal
12/11/2014 Rowan County$220.00 Permit renewal
12/3/2014 Fleming County$220.00 Permit renewal
11/10/2014 Mason County$220.00 Permit renewal
11/1/2014 Robertson County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/31/2014 Estill County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/29/2014 McCreary County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2014 Clark County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2014 Christian FMG$220.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2014 Franklin County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2014 Boyle County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/27/2014 Hart County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2014 Whitley County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2014 Nelson County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/23/2014 Bell County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2014 Mercer County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2014 Laurel County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2014 Woodford County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/20/2014 Wayne County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2014 Leslie County($220.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2014 Calloway County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2014 Shelby County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2014 Madison County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2014 Henderson County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2014 Green County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2014 Simpson County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2014 Montgomery County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2014 Scott County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2014 Adair County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2014 McCracken County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2014 Muhlenberg County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2014 Ohio County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2014 Taylor County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2014 Garrard County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2014 Grayson County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2014 Distribution Center$220.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2014 Fayette County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2014 Hopkins County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2014 Graves County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2014 Logan County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2014 Allen County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2014 Pulaski County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2014 Jessamine County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2014 Owen County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2014 Monroe County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2014 Trigg County($220.00) Permit renewal credit
10/10/2014 Daviess County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2014 Larue County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2014 Meade County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2014 Hardin County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2014 Christian County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2014 Jefferson County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2014 Crittenden County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2014 Webster County($220.00) Permit renewal credit
10/9/2014 Harrison County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2014 Russell County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2014 Pike County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2014 Warren County$220.00 Permit renewal
10/1/2014 Oldham County$220.00 Permit renewal
9/30/2014 Trimble County$220.00 Permit renewal
9/26/2014 Gallatin County($220.00) Permit renewal credit
9/9/2014 Casey County$220.00 Permit renewal
8/30/2014 Spencer County$220.00 Permit renewal
8/27/2014 Caldwell County($220.00) Permit renewal credit
8/26/2014 Henry County($220.00) Permit renewal credit
8/25/2014 Greenup County($220.00) Permit renewal credit
8/19/2014 Johnson County$220.00 Permit renewal
7/9/2014 Breckinridge County($220.00) Permit renewal credit
3/1/2014 Morgan County$220.00 Permit renewal
1/15/2014 Grant County$200.00 Permit renewal
12/15/2013 Bourbon County$200.00 Permit renewal
12/11/2013 Rowan County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
12/6/2013 Menifee County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
11/1/2013 Robertson County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/31/2013 Estill County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
10/29/2013 McCreary County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2013 Christian FMG$200.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2013 Fleming County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
10/28/2013 Franklin County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2013 Boyle County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2013 Clark County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/27/2013 Hart County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2013 Whitley County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2013 Nelson County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/23/2013 Bell County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2013 Mercer County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2013 Woodford County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2013 Laurel County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/20/2013 Wayne County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2013 Calloway County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2013 Green County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2013 Henderson County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2013 Madison County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2013 Shelby County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2013 Muhlenberg County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2013 Simpson County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2013 McCracken County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2013 Montgomery County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2013 Adair County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2013 Ohio County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2013 Scott County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2013 Graves County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2013 Taylor County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2013 Garrard County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2013 Grayson County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2013 Distribution Center$200.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2013 Hopkins County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2013 Logan County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2013 Allen County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2013 Fayette County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/12/2013 Trigg County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
10/10/2013 Webster County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
10/10/2013 Jessamine County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2013 Daviess County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2013 Owen County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2013 Monroe County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2013 Pulaski County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2013 Larue County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2013 Crittenden County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2013 Christian County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2013 Hardin County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2013 Harrison County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2013 Meade County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2013 Jefferson County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2013 Russell County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2013 Pike County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2013 Warren County$200.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2013 Henry County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
10/1/2013 Oldham County$200.00 Permit renewal
9/16/2013 Perry County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
9/10/2013 Knott County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
9/9/2013 Casey County$200.00 Permit renewal
9/6/2013 Greenup County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
8/30/2013 Spencer County$200.00 Permit renewal
8/29/2013 Caldwell County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
8/29/2013 Clay County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
8/19/2013 Johnson County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
8/13/2013 Breckinridge County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
8/2/2013 Trimble County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
7/30/2013 Lewis County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
7/11/2013 Breathitt County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
4/16/2013 Franklin County$50.00 Permit renewal
3/1/2013 Morgan County$200.00 Permit renewal
1/15/2013 Grant County$190.00 Permit renewal
12/21/2012 Menifee County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
12/19/2012 Pendleton County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
12/19/2012 Leslie County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
12/19/2012 Rowan County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
12/15/2012 Bourbon County$190.00 Permit renewal
11/6/2012 Carter County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
11/5/2012 Fleming County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
11/1/2012 Robertson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/29/2012 McCreary County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2012 Boyle County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2012 Franklin County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2012 Clark County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2012 Christian FMG$190.00 Permit renewal
10/27/2012 Hart County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2012 Trigg County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/24/2012 Whitley County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2012 Nelson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/23/2012 Bell County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2012 Woodford County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2012 Mercer County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2012 Laurel County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/20/2012 Wayne County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2012 Caldwell County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2012 Perry County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2012 Mason County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2012 Trimble County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2012 Lewis County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2012 Webster County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2012 Clay County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2012 Knox County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2012 Breckinridge County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2012 Greenup County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2012 Calloway County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2012 Henry County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/16/2012 Shelby County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2012 Green County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2012 Henderson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2012 Madison County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2012 Scott County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2012 Montgomery County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2012 Adair County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2012 Muhlenberg County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2012 Simpson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2012 McCracken County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2012 Ohio County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2012 Fayette County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2012 Allen County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2012 Hopkins County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2012 Distribution Center$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2012 Grayson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2012 Garrard County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2012 Taylor County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2012 Graves County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2012 Logan County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2012 Pulaski County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2012 Jessamine County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2012 Owen County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2012 Monroe County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2012 Daviess County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2012 Crittenden County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2012 Meade County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2012 Harrison County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2012 Hardin County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2012 Larue County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2012 Christian County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2012 Jefferson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2012 Warren County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2012 Pike County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2012 Russell County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/1/2012 Oldham County$190.00 Permit renewal
9/9/2012 Casey County$190.00 Permit renewal
8/30/2012 Spencer County$190.00 Permit renewal
7/17/2012 Lee County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
6/27/2012 Breathitt County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
6/6/2012 Morgan County($200.00) Permit renewal credit
5/18/2012 Owsley County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
3/29/2012 Johnson County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
3/1/2012 Morgan County$190.00 Permit renewal
12/15/2011 Bourbon County$190.00 Permit renewal
12/13/2011 Leslie County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
11/16/2011 Pendleton County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
11/4/2011 Fleming County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
11/2/2011 Carter County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/29/2011 McCreary County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2011 Boyle County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2011 Franklin County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2011 Christian FMG$190.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2011 Clark County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/27/2011 Hart County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2011 Nelson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2011 Whitley County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/23/2011 Bell County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2011 Woodford County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2011 Laurel County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2011 Mercer County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/20/2011 Wayne County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/19/2011 Trigg County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/17/2011 Calloway County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2011 Estill County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/16/2011 Green County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2011 Shelby County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2011 Madison County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2011 Henderson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2011 Ohio County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2011 Montgomery County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2011 McCracken County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2011 Simpson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2011 Scott County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2011 Adair County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2011 Muhlenberg County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2011 Garrard County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2011 Grayson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2011 Fayette County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2011 Hopkins County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2011 Graves County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2011 Allen County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2011 Taylor County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2011 Distribution Center$190.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2011 Logan County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/12/2011 Webster County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/10/2011 Owen County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2011 Daviess County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2011 Pulaski County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2011 Monroe County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2011 Jessamine County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2011 Crittenden County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2011 Meade County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2011 Harrison County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2011 Hardin County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2011 Larue County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2011 Jefferson County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2011 Christian County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2011 Warren County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2011 Pike County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2011 Russell County$190.00 Permit renewal
10/4/2011 Bracken County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
10/1/2011 Oldham County$190.00 Permit renewal
9/27/2011 Mason County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
9/22/2011 Perry County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
9/21/2011 Todd County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
9/19/2011 Henry County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
9/14/2011 Greenup County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
9/13/2011 Breckinridge County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
9/9/2011 Casey County$190.00 Permit renewal
9/8/2011 Rowan County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
9/8/2011 Magoffin County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
9/8/2011 Casey County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
9/7/2011 Knott County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
9/6/2011 Gallatin County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
8/30/2011 Spencer County$190.00 Permit renewal
8/26/2011 Clay County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
8/24/2011 Caldwell County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
8/15/2011 Trimble County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
8/9/2011 Breathitt County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
8/2/2011 Lewis County($190.00) Permit renewal credit
3/1/2011 Morgan County$185.00 Permit renewal
12/15/2010 Bourbon County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/29/2010 McCreary County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2010 Clark County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2010 Christian FMG$185.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2010 Franklin County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2010 Boyle County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/27/2010 Hart County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2010 Whitley County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2010 Nelson County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/23/2010 Bell County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2010 Mercer County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2010 Woodford County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2010 Laurel County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/20/2010 Wayne County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2010 Calloway County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2010 Shelby County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2010 Madison County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2010 Henderson County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2010 Green County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2010 McCracken County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2010 Simpson County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2010 Muhlenberg County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2010 Adair County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2010 Scott County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2010 Montgomery County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2010 Ohio County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2010 Fayette County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2010 Taylor County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2010 Garrard County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2010 Distribution Center$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2010 Hopkins County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2010 Graves County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2010 Logan County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2010 Allen County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2010 Grayson County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2010 Monroe County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2010 Pulaski County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2010 Owen County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2010 Daviess County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2010 Jessamine County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2010 Hardin County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2010 Meade County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2010 Larue County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2010 Harrison County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2010 Crittenden County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2010 Jefferson County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2010 Christian County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2010 Warren County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2010 Russell County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2010 Pike County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/1/2010 Oldham County$185.00 Permit renewal
8/30/2010 Spencer County$185.00 Permit renewal
3/1/2010 Morgan County$185.00 Permit renewal
12/15/2009 Bourbon County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/29/2009 McCreary County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2009 Clark County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2009 Christian FMG$185.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2009 Franklin County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/28/2009 Boyle County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/27/2009 Hart County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2009 Whitley County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/24/2009 Nelson County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/23/2009 Bell County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2009 Woodford County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2009 Laurel County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/22/2009 Mercer County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/20/2009 Wayne County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/17/2009 Calloway County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2009 Green County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2009 Henderson County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2009 Shelby County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/16/2009 Madison County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2009 Montgomery County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2009 Simpson County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2009 Adair County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2009 Scott County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2009 McCracken County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2009 Muhlenberg County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/15/2009 Ohio County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2009 Allen County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2009 Logan County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2009 Graves County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2009 Hopkins County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2009 Fayette County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2009 Distribution Center$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2009 Grayson County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2009 Garrard County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/14/2009 Taylor County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2009 Pulaski County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2009 Jessamine County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2009 Owen County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2009 Monroe County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/10/2009 Daviess County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2009 Crittenden County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2009 Jefferson County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2009 Christian County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2009 Larue County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2009 Hardin County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/9/2009 Meade County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2009 Russell County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2009 Pike County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/8/2009 Warren County$185.00 Permit renewal
10/1/2009 Oldham County$185.00 Permit renewal
8/30/2009 Spencer County$185.00 Permit renewal
3/1/2009 Morgan County$180.00 Permit renewal