University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

About Postage Transactions:

The entries found here are compiled from four sources:

1. The US Post Office web site, which provides information about standard mailings and permit renewal charges in counties whose post offices can access the electronic CAPS account that the college has established (there are 55 "CAPS" counties),

2. Postage which the college reimburses to counties for standard mailings through post offices that have no access to the CAPS account (there are 42 "non-CAPS" counties),

3. Hasler monthly meter account reports, which detail the dates and amounts of postage that counties download to their postage meters, and

4. Permit renewal fee credits entered for non-CAPS counties.

Please notify Rhesa King ( of any errors or discrepancies you find.


With the proper documentation, the costs of standard mailings can be reimbursed to non-CAPS counties.

Submit the original postage form (red stamped by the Post Office) or an original receipt along with this form to Rhesa King.

2/21/2018 Scott County$2,641.80 Postage reimbursement
10/13/2017 Powell County$1,149.98 Postage reimbursement
4/5/2017 Todd County$44.92 Postage reimbursement
3/23/2017 Leslie County$209.62 Postage reimbursement
3/1/2017 Todd County$45.09 Postage reimbursement
2/22/2017 Leslie County$212.71 Postage reimbursement
2/17/2017 Todd County$47.25 Postage reimbursement
2/17/2017 Owsley County$140.71 Postage reimbursement
1/24/2017 Leslie County$251.13 Postage reimbursement
1/23/2017 Todd County$81.38 Postage reimbursement
1/13/2017 Owsley County$148.77 Postage reimbursement
12/13/2016 Todd County$46.72 Postage reimbursement
11/28/2016 Henry County$130.65 Postage reimbursement
11/23/2016 Leslie County$264.06 Postage reimbursement
11/3/2016 Owsley County$146.37 Postage reimbursement
11/2/2016 Todd County$48.48 Postage reimbursement
10/26/2016 Leslie County$274.79 Postage reimbursement
10/21/2016 Henry County$38.40 Postage reimbursement
10/14/2016 Owsley County$133.13 Postage reimbursement
9/27/2016 Leslie County$259.86 Postage reimbursement
9/27/2016 Todd County$63.70 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2016 Owsley County$143.33 Postage reimbursement
8/25/2016 Leslie County$261.19 Postage reimbursement
7/29/2016 Todd County$57.57 Postage reimbursement
7/25/2016 Leslie County$260.84 Postage reimbursement
7/22/2016 Todd County$84.00 Postage reimbursement
7/21/2016 Henry County$131.87 Postage reimbursement
6/30/2016 Breathitt County$122.25 Postage reimbursement
6/24/2016 Leslie County$263.69 Postage reimbursement
6/21/2016 Owsley County$142.07 Postage reimbursement
6/10/2016 Mason County$72.14 Postage reimbursement
6/6/2016 Mason County$44.99 Postage reimbursement
6/2/2016 Todd County$56.87 Postage reimbursement
6/2/2016 Breathitt County$116.41 Postage reimbursement
5/25/2016 Leslie County$266.65 Postage reimbursement
5/9/2016 Owsley County$146.26 Postage reimbursement
5/5/2016 Mason County$45.13 Postage reimbursement
5/3/2016 Todd County$56.18 Postage reimbursement
5/2/2016 Mason County$72.14 Postage reimbursement
4/29/2016 Breathitt County$114.29 Postage reimbursement
4/26/2016 Leslie County$267.31 Postage reimbursement
4/21/2016 Owsley County$138.52 Postage reimbursement
4/6/2016 Todd County$58.10 Postage reimbursement
4/6/2016 Mason County$46.80 Postage reimbursement
3/30/2016 Breathitt County$116.14 Postage reimbursement
3/26/2016 Trigg County$38.24 Postage reimbursement
3/25/2016 Leslie County$284.55 Postage reimbursement
3/17/2016 Owsley County$146.70 Postage reimbursement
3/11/2016 Mason County$78.23 Postage reimbursement
3/11/2016 Mason County$51.07 Postage reimbursement
3/3/2016 Mason County$74.65 Postage reimbursement
3/1/2016 Todd County$54.30 Postage reimbursement
3/1/2016 Breathitt County$90.78 Postage reimbursement
2/29/2016 Breathitt County$114.69 Postage reimbursement
2/25/2016 Leslie County$294.52 Postage reimbursement
2/24/2016 Mason County$91.44 Postage reimbursement
2/23/2016 Owsley County$140.30 Postage reimbursement
2/23/2016 Mason County$74.19 Postage reimbursement
2/16/2016 Todd County$85.25 Postage reimbursement
2/3/2016 Mason County$78.06 Postage reimbursement
2/3/2016 Breathitt County$110.17 Postage reimbursement
2/1/2016 Breathitt County$90.01 Postage reimbursement
1/29/2016 Todd County$56.47 Postage reimbursement
1/28/2016 Mason County$73.55 Postage reimbursement
1/28/2016 Mason County$50.93 Postage reimbursement
1/27/2016 Mason County$85.42 Postage reimbursement
1/27/2016 Leslie County$307.05 Postage reimbursement
1/14/2016 Todd County$85.25 Postage reimbursement
1/13/2016 Owsley County$146.26 Postage reimbursement
1/13/2016 Mason County$78.87 Postage reimbursement
1/6/2016 Mason County$73.52 Postage reimbursement
1/5/2016 Todd County$54.84 Postage reimbursement
12/23/2015 Mason County$43.03 Postage reimbursement
12/22/2015 Breathitt County$108.00 Postage reimbursement
12/2/2015 Owsley County$145.30 Postage reimbursement
12/1/2015 Mason County$74.19 Postage reimbursement
11/25/2015 Henry County$131.36 Postage reimbursement
11/25/2015 Leslie County$305.29 Postage reimbursement
11/25/2015 Breathitt County$103.29 Postage reimbursement
11/18/2015 Mason County$50.74 Postage reimbursement
11/18/2015 Mason County$73.39 Postage reimbursement
11/17/2015 Todd County$55.93 Postage reimbursement
11/13/2015 Mason County$78.70 Postage reimbursement
11/3/2015 Mason County$73.23 Postage reimbursement
11/3/2015 Breathitt County$102.40 Postage reimbursement
11/2/2015 Mason County$42.10 Postage reimbursement
10/26/2015 Leslie County$306.15 Postage reimbursement
10/22/2015 Breathitt County$94.40 Postage reimbursement
10/20/2015 Owsley County$141.17 Postage reimbursement
10/14/2015 Owsley County$142.20 Postage reimbursement
10/8/2015 Mason County$78.90 Postage reimbursement
10/5/2015 Breathitt County$102.93 Postage reimbursement
10/2/2015 Todd County$64.80 Postage reimbursement
9/30/2015 Mason County$72.73 Postage reimbursement
9/25/2015 Leslie County$305.58 Postage reimbursement
9/25/2015 Mason County$41.33 Postage reimbursement
9/23/2015 Breathitt County$96.02 Postage reimbursement
9/18/2015 Henry County$141.78 Postage reimbursement
9/4/2015 Mason County$39.98 Postage reimbursement
9/3/2015 Mason County$74.57 Postage reimbursement
9/3/2015 Mason County$79.74 Postage reimbursement
8/28/2015 Breathitt County$102.96 Postage reimbursement
8/28/2015 Todd County$55.57 Postage reimbursement
8/25/2015 Leslie County$282.26 Postage reimbursement
8/14/2015 Mason County$79.56 Postage reimbursement
8/14/2015 Owsley County$143.53 Postage reimbursement
8/7/2015 Mason County$74.36 Postage reimbursement
8/3/2015 Breathitt County$100.72 Postage reimbursement
7/30/2015 Todd County$60.27 Postage reimbursement
7/24/2015 Leslie County$283.06 Postage reimbursement
7/20/2015 Henry County$133.44 Postage reimbursement
7/7/2015 Mason County$74.32 Postage reimbursement
7/3/2015 Mason County$52.40 Postage reimbursement
7/2/2015 Mason County$50.77 Postage reimbursement
7/1/2015 Breathitt County$99.83 Postage reimbursement
6/26/2015 Leslie County$283.50 Postage reimbursement
6/19/2015 Todd County$85.98 Postage reimbursement
6/11/2015 Owsley County$143.09 Postage reimbursement
6/11/2015 Breathitt County$56.77 Postage reimbursement
6/10/2015 Owsley County$143.85 Postage reimbursement
6/10/2015 Caldwell County$39.07 Postage reimbursement
6/5/2015 Breathitt County$43.81 Postage reimbursement
6/2/2015 Breathitt County$97.97 Postage reimbursement
6/2/2015 Mason County$77.58 Postage reimbursement
6/1/2015 Mason County$70.53 Postage reimbursement
5/27/2015 Leslie County$277.17 Postage reimbursement
5/14/2015 Mason County$48.61 Postage reimbursement
5/5/2015 Mason County$70.23 Postage reimbursement
5/1/2015 Breathitt County$101.83 Postage reimbursement
4/27/2015 Mason County$48.82 Postage reimbursement
4/24/2015 Leslie County$283.29 Postage reimbursement
4/8/2015 Mason County$69.84 Postage reimbursement
3/27/2015 Breathitt County$91.50 Postage reimbursement
3/25/2015 Leslie County$283.84 Postage reimbursement
3/25/2015 Mason County$48.51 Postage reimbursement
3/13/2015 Mason County$48.68 Postage reimbursement
3/13/2015 Mason County$76.20 Postage reimbursement
3/9/2015 Trigg County$30.14 Postage reimbursement
3/3/2015 Todd County$55.36 Postage reimbursement
3/3/2015 Breathitt County$100.66 Postage reimbursement
3/3/2015 Mason County$69.51 Postage reimbursement
2/27/2015 Leslie County$283.79 Postage reimbursement
2/25/2015 Mason County$48.35 Postage reimbursement
2/19/2015 Mason County$77.77 Postage reimbursement
1/30/2015 Breathitt County$99.13 Postage reimbursement
1/30/2015 Mason County$49.05 Postage reimbursement
1/30/2015 Mason County$75.59 Postage reimbursement
1/30/2015 Owsley County$140.51 Postage reimbursement
1/29/2015 Todd County$81.83 Postage reimbursement
1/29/2015 Mason County$69.01 Postage reimbursement
1/28/2015 Todd County$54.15 Postage reimbursement
1/28/2015 Leslie County$283.54 Postage reimbursement
1/8/2015 Mason County$75.41 Postage reimbursement
12/31/2014 Todd County$81.66 Postage reimbursement
12/23/2014 Mason County$68.83 Postage reimbursement
12/23/2014 Mason County$48.30 Postage reimbursement
12/23/2014 Breathitt County$98.75 Postage reimbursement
12/23/2014 Mason County$48.48 Postage reimbursement
12/19/2014 Caldwell County$38.54 Postage reimbursement
12/17/2014 Owsley County$140.74 Postage reimbursement
12/12/2014 Oldham County$171.02 Postage reimbursement
12/5/2014 Mason County$75.86 Postage reimbursement
12/4/2014 Todd County$54.15 Postage reimbursement
12/2/2014 Breathitt County$99.32 Postage reimbursement
12/2/2014 Mason County$48.05 Postage reimbursement
12/2/2014 Mason County$78.11 Postage reimbursement
11/21/2014 Leslie County$278.05 Postage reimbursement
11/18/2014 Caldwell County$39.29 Postage reimbursement
11/12/2014 Mason County$77.56 Postage reimbursement
11/12/2014 Trigg County$33.21 Postage reimbursement
11/7/2014 Owsley County$141.37 Postage reimbursement
11/4/2014 Mason County$66.69 Postage reimbursement
11/3/2014 Mason County$48.89 Postage reimbursement
10/30/2014 Mason County$47.21 Postage reimbursement
10/29/2014 Todd County$53.63 Postage reimbursement
10/29/2014 Breathitt County$89.01 Postage reimbursement
10/24/2014 Leslie County$277.50 Postage reimbursement
10/23/2014 Greenup County$111.34 Postage reimbursement
10/23/2014 Greenup County$61.52 Postage reimbursement
10/21/2014 Mason County$77.52 Postage reimbursement
10/16/2014 Todd County$69.20 Postage reimbursement
10/15/2014 Greenup County$59.15 Postage reimbursement
10/14/2014 Breathitt County$121.67 Postage reimbursement
10/9/2014 Greenup County$61.19 Postage reimbursement
10/1/2014 Caldwell County$39.33 Postage reimbursement
10/1/2014 Mason County$66.59 Postage reimbursement
10/1/2014 Breathitt County$77.36 Postage reimbursement
9/30/2014 Trigg County$30.84 Postage reimbursement
9/26/2014 Leslie County$278.53 Postage reimbursement
9/25/2014 Greenup County$61.19 Postage reimbursement
9/24/2014 Mason County$43.62 Postage reimbursement
9/19/2014 Greenup County$130.70 Postage reimbursement
9/18/2014 Mason County$77.07 Postage reimbursement
9/8/2014 Mason County$77.42 Postage reimbursement
9/5/2014 Mason County$49.47 Postage reimbursement
9/3/2014 Trigg County$31.08 Postage reimbursement
9/2/2014 Todd County$63.15 Postage reimbursement
8/28/2014 Leslie County$273.31 Postage reimbursement
8/28/2014 Mason County$44.65 Postage reimbursement
8/28/2014 Mason County$65.32 Postage reimbursement
8/27/2014 Breathitt County$84.04 Postage reimbursement
8/27/2014 Todd County$54.84 Postage reimbursement
8/22/2014 Owsley County$149.16 Postage reimbursement
8/21/2014 Greenup County$61.58 Postage reimbursement
8/21/2014 Owsley County$143.29 Postage reimbursement
8/11/2014 Mason County$65.49 Postage reimbursement
8/11/2014 Breathitt County$170.75 Postage reimbursement
8/1/2014 Breathitt County$83.85 Postage reimbursement
7/25/2014 Leslie County$278.39 Postage reimbursement
7/10/2014 Greenup County$61.21 Postage reimbursement
7/7/2014 Greenup County$61.21 Postage reimbursement
7/3/2014 Mason County$67.47 Postage reimbursement
6/30/2014 Breathitt County$81.36 Postage reimbursement
6/24/2014 Leslie County$279.15 Postage reimbursement
6/18/2014 Owsley County$142.28 Postage reimbursement
6/11/2014 Rowan County$34.46 Postage reimbursement
6/6/2014 Estill County$49.29 Postage reimbursement
6/4/2014 Trigg County$31.05 Postage reimbursement
6/3/2014 Mason County$66.55 Postage reimbursement
6/2/2014 Mason County$43.84 Postage reimbursement
5/29/2014 Gallatin County$41.53 Postage reimbursement
5/29/2014 Estill County$97.72 Postage reimbursement
5/29/2014 Breathitt County$79.65 Postage reimbursement
5/28/2014 Todd County$48.96 Postage reimbursement
5/23/2014 Estill County$63.90 Postage reimbursement
5/22/2014 Leslie County$283.08 Postage reimbursement
5/9/2014 Estill County$48.77 Postage reimbursement
5/7/2014 Todd County$48.27 Postage reimbursement
5/7/2014 Mason County$65.08 Postage reimbursement
5/5/2014 Trigg County$30.40 Postage reimbursement
5/5/2014 Fleming County$227.12 Postage reimbursement
5/2/2014 Floyd County$158.31 Postage reimbursement
5/2/2014 Gallatin County$39.93 Postage reimbursement
5/2/2014 Fleming County$45.54 Postage reimbursement
5/1/2014 Mason County$43.64 Postage reimbursement
4/30/2014 Owsley County$142.37 Postage reimbursement
4/30/2014 Trimble County$108.19 Postage reimbursement
4/30/2014 Gallatin County$42.00 Postage reimbursement
4/30/2014 Trimble County$91.49 Postage reimbursement
4/29/2014 Leslie County$276.23 Postage reimbursement
4/28/2014 Breathitt County$79.65 Postage reimbursement
4/25/2014 Henry County$31.28 Postage reimbursement
4/24/2014 Henry County$27.80 Postage reimbursement
4/23/2014 Henry County$128.40 Postage reimbursement
4/22/2014 Floyd County$48.33 Postage reimbursement
4/15/2014 Mason County$65.45 Postage reimbursement
4/15/2014 Mason County$49.31 Postage reimbursement
4/11/2014 Estill County$36.61 Postage reimbursement
4/11/2014 Menifee County$73.28 Postage reimbursement
4/4/2014 Mason County$76.76 Postage reimbursement
4/4/2014 Estill County$49.81 Postage reimbursement
4/3/2014 Fleming County$45.35 Postage reimbursement
4/3/2014 Trigg County$30.40 Postage reimbursement
4/2/2014 Todd County$49.31 Postage reimbursement
4/2/2014 Floyd County$154.72 Postage reimbursement
3/31/2014 Trimble County$92.26 Postage reimbursement
3/31/2014 Trimble County$107.96 Postage reimbursement
3/28/2014 Owsley County$156.38 Postage reimbursement
3/28/2014 Mason County$58.19 Postage reimbursement
3/27/2014 Gallatin County$42.50 Postage reimbursement
3/27/2014 Gallatin County$40.09 Postage reimbursement
3/27/2014 Mason County$43.73 Postage reimbursement
3/27/2014 Breathitt County$78.51 Postage reimbursement
3/26/2014 Greenup County$60.63 Postage reimbursement
3/25/2014 Leslie County$272.16 Postage reimbursement
3/18/2014 Floyd County$43.49 Postage reimbursement
3/13/2014 Fleming County$220.46 Postage reimbursement
3/12/2014 Trigg County$37.46 Postage reimbursement
3/12/2014 Trigg County$30.54 Postage reimbursement
3/12/2014 Rowan County$34.47 Postage reimbursement
3/10/2014 Mason County$76.76 Postage reimbursement
3/7/2014 Estill County$52.46 Postage reimbursement
3/7/2014 Estill County$96.32 Postage reimbursement
3/7/2014 Gallatin County$40.73 Postage reimbursement
3/4/2014 Fleming County$45.38 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2014 Gallatin County$42.52 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2014 Trimble County$106.60 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2014 Floyd County$144.39 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2014 Breathitt County$77.36 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2014 Trimble County$93.09 Postage reimbursement
2/27/2014 Floyd County$146.82 Postage reimbursement
2/26/2014 Mason County$43.03 Postage reimbursement
2/26/2014 Mason County$57.91 Postage reimbursement
2/21/2014 Leslie County$250.51 Postage reimbursement
2/18/2014 Floyd County$36.24 Postage reimbursement
2/18/2014 Mason County$46.22 Postage reimbursement
2/11/2014 Floyd County$44.02 Postage reimbursement
2/11/2014 Johnson County$36.63 Postage reimbursement
2/10/2014 Menifee County$63.63 Postage reimbursement
2/7/2014 Gallatin County$41.86 Postage reimbursement
2/7/2014 Todd County$50.34 Postage reimbursement
2/6/2014 Estill County$95.09 Postage reimbursement
2/5/2014 Todd County$47.58 Postage reimbursement
2/4/2014 Mason County$76.14 Postage reimbursement
2/4/2014 Mason County$44.16 Postage reimbursement
2/4/2014 Mason County$57.73 Postage reimbursement
2/4/2014 Johnson County$38.58 Postage reimbursement
2/3/2014 Gallatin County$43.07 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2014 Fleming County$45.88 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2014 Trimble County$93.37 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2014 Trimble County$107.96 Postage reimbursement
1/30/2014 Floyd County$88.58 Postage reimbursement
1/30/2014 Breathitt County$78.31 Postage reimbursement
1/30/2014 Estill County$49.15 Postage reimbursement
1/28/2014 Floyd County$145.73 Postage reimbursement
1/28/2014 Owsley County$143.71 Postage reimbursement
1/23/2014 Leslie County$249.66 Postage reimbursement
1/22/2014 Greenup County$57.05 Postage reimbursement
1/15/2014 Todd County$76.30 Postage reimbursement
1/8/2014 Trigg County$28.43 Postage reimbursement
1/3/2014 Mason County$72.09 Postage reimbursement
12/24/2013 Estill County$45.71 Postage reimbursement
12/23/2013 Fleming County$41.12 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2013 Henry County$124.26 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2013 Fleming County$207.71 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2013 Mason County$41.89 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2013 Gallatin County$43.74 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2013 Breathitt County$72.63 Postage reimbursement
12/19/2013 Floyd County$136.06 Postage reimbursement
12/18/2013 Rowan County$32.77 Postage reimbursement
12/18/2013 Mason County$54.66 Postage reimbursement
12/17/2013 Caldwell County$37.30 Postage reimbursement
12/15/2013 Greenup County$58.66 Postage reimbursement
12/6/2013 Floyd County$38.18 Postage reimbursement
12/3/2013 Menifee County$70.45 Postage reimbursement
12/3/2013 Todd County$45.54 Postage reimbursement
12/2/2013 Estill County$33.31 Postage reimbursement
12/2/2013 Fleming County$42.94 Postage reimbursement
11/29/2013 Estill County$46.26 Postage reimbursement
11/27/2013 Mason County$72.22 Postage reimbursement
11/27/2013 Breathitt County$71.92 Postage reimbursement
11/26/2013 Trigg County$29.14 Postage reimbursement
11/26/2013 Estill County$90.24 Postage reimbursement
11/26/2013 Trimble County$98.24 Postage reimbursement
11/26/2013 Trimble County$86.87 Postage reimbursement
11/26/2013 Floyd County$136.04 Postage reimbursement
11/26/2013 Mason County$46.18 Postage reimbursement
11/26/2013 Mason County$52.51 Postage reimbursement
11/25/2013 Leslie County$245.03 Postage reimbursement
11/25/2013 Johnson County$36.13 Postage reimbursement
11/13/2013 Mason County$43.64 Postage reimbursement
11/5/2013 Todd County$47.00 Postage reimbursement
11/5/2013 Floyd County$35.43 Postage reimbursement
11/5/2013 Trigg County$29.14 Postage reimbursement
11/1/2013 Fleming County$48.11 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2013 Trimble County$88.75 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2013 Mason County$41.76 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2013 Estill County$59.60 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2013 Trimble County$97.09 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2013 Estill County$90.24 Postage reimbursement
10/30/2013 Mason County$50.64 Postage reimbursement
10/30/2013 Gallatin County$39.41 Postage reimbursement
10/30/2013 Fleming County$207.37 Postage reimbursement
10/30/2013 Breathitt County$70.67 Postage reimbursement
10/29/2013 Floyd County$135.72 Postage reimbursement
10/25/2013 Leslie County$252.25 Postage reimbursement
10/24/2013 Menifee County$57.20 Postage reimbursement
10/21/2013 Floyd County$104.71 Postage reimbursement
10/17/2013 Henry County$120.08 Postage reimbursement
10/10/2013 Greenup County$62.05 Postage reimbursement
10/8/2013 Johnson County$37.13 Postage reimbursement
10/7/2013 Rowan County$32.73 Postage reimbursement
10/4/2013 Mason County$134.18 Postage reimbursement
10/4/2013 Owsley County$148.10 Postage reimbursement
10/4/2013 Todd County$57.19 Postage reimbursement
10/3/2013 Owsley County$134.85 Postage reimbursement
10/2/2013 Floyd County$35.43 Postage reimbursement
10/2/2013 Floyd County$135.56 Postage reimbursement
10/2/2013 Mason County$51.76 Postage reimbursement
10/2/2013 Gallatin County$40.66 Postage reimbursement
10/2/2013 Gallatin County$39.57 Postage reimbursement
10/2/2013 Estill County$45.92 Postage reimbursement
9/30/2013 Trimble County$89.73 Postage reimbursement
9/30/2013 Trimble County$98.12 Postage reimbursement
9/27/2013 Breathitt County$70.49 Postage reimbursement
9/27/2013 Fleming County$207.87 Postage reimbursement
9/27/2013 Fleming County$40.61 Postage reimbursement
9/26/2013 Estill County$90.39 Postage reimbursement
9/26/2013 Estill County$33.31 Postage reimbursement
9/25/2013 Leslie County$249.71 Postage reimbursement
9/19/2013 Mason County$38.31 Postage reimbursement
9/11/2013 Floyd County$54.97 Postage reimbursement
9/11/2013 Todd County$59.45 Postage reimbursement
9/10/2013 Mason County$48.78 Postage reimbursement
9/9/2013 Floyd County$35.43 Postage reimbursement
9/9/2013 Mason County$70.88 Postage reimbursement
9/5/2013 Floyd County$135.07 Postage reimbursement
9/4/2013 Breathitt County$70.14 Postage reimbursement
9/3/2013 Trigg County$28.47 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2013 Trimble County$98.23 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2013 Gallatin County$38.79 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2013 Trimble County$72.48 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2013 Mason County$39.31 Postage reimbursement
8/29/2013 Fleming County$40.43 Postage reimbursement
8/29/2013 Estill County$57.15 Postage reimbursement
8/29/2013 Lewis County$83.55 Postage reimbursement
8/28/2013 Mason County$36.58 Postage reimbursement
8/27/2013 Fleming County$208.68 Postage reimbursement
8/26/2013 Henry County$52.49 Postage reimbursement
8/23/2013 Leslie County$245.97 Postage reimbursement
8/19/2013 Johnson County$73.36 Postage reimbursement
8/16/2013 Floyd County$35.10 Postage reimbursement
8/16/2013 Mason County$69.05 Postage reimbursement
8/15/2013 Todd County$58.92 Postage reimbursement
8/14/2013 Todd County$83.66 Postage reimbursement
8/13/2013 Gallatin County$40.96 Postage reimbursement
8/9/2013 Mason County$49.18 Postage reimbursement
8/9/2013 Gallatin County$36.61 Postage reimbursement
8/8/2013 Menifee County$69.08 Postage reimbursement
8/2/2013 Greenup County$61.23 Postage reimbursement
8/2/2013 Fleming County$39.46 Postage reimbursement
7/31/2013 Trimble County$98.34 Postage reimbursement
7/31/2013 Owsley County$130.06 Postage reimbursement
7/31/2013 Trimble County$87.41 Postage reimbursement
7/30/2013 Estill County$49.44 Postage reimbursement
7/29/2013 Floyd County$135.09 Postage reimbursement
7/26/2013 Fleming County$207.55 Postage reimbursement
7/24/2013 Leslie County$249.11 Postage reimbursement
7/24/2013 Rowan County$32.88 Postage reimbursement
7/24/2013 Estill County$90.01 Postage reimbursement
7/23/2013 Lewis County$83.56 Postage reimbursement
7/19/2013 Trigg County$28.63 Postage reimbursement
7/14/2013 Breathitt County$70.14 Postage reimbursement
7/12/2013 Floyd County$34.78 Postage reimbursement
7/3/2013 Mason County$49.45 Postage reimbursement
6/28/2013 Floyd County$134.62 Postage reimbursement
6/28/2013 Breathitt County$69.07 Postage reimbursement
6/24/2013 Leslie County$257.27 Postage reimbursement
6/20/2013 Fleming County$203.61 Postage reimbursement
6/20/2013 Greenup County$56.05 Postage reimbursement
6/19/2013 Owsley County$93.05 Postage reimbursement
6/19/2013 Floyd County$34.62 Postage reimbursement
6/19/2013 Mason County$70.34 Postage reimbursement
6/10/2013 Todd County$54.45 Postage reimbursement
6/6/2013 Fleming County$38.65 Postage reimbursement
6/4/2013 Estill County$46.26 Postage reimbursement
6/4/2013 Mason County$51.39 Postage reimbursement
6/3/2013 Trigg County$28.65 Postage reimbursement
6/3/2013 Floyd County$134.78 Postage reimbursement
5/31/2013 Trimble County$97.76 Postage reimbursement
5/31/2013 Breathitt County$69.78 Postage reimbursement
5/31/2013 Estill County$91.32 Postage reimbursement
5/31/2013 Trimble County$87.67 Postage reimbursement
5/24/2013 Leslie County$246.90 Postage reimbursement
5/23/2013 Lewis County$83.68 Postage reimbursement
5/22/2013 Floyd County$55.43 Postage reimbursement
5/22/2013 Fleming County$202.80 Postage reimbursement
5/16/2013 Floyd County$35.43 Postage reimbursement
5/16/2013 Estill County$39.15 Postage reimbursement
5/15/2013 Menifee County$87.17 Postage reimbursement
5/14/2013 Estill County$45.01 Postage reimbursement
5/14/2013 Mason County$70.40 Postage reimbursement
5/10/2013 Owsley County$134.05 Postage reimbursement
5/10/2013 Greenup County$61.52 Postage reimbursement
5/9/2013 Fleming County$40.57 Postage reimbursement
5/7/2013 Todd County$48.13 Postage reimbursement
5/6/2013 Trigg County$28.67 Postage reimbursement
5/2/2013 Floyd County$134.46 Postage reimbursement
5/1/2013 Mason County$35.96 Postage reimbursement
5/1/2013 Mason County$50.97 Postage reimbursement
4/30/2013 Trimble County$97.59 Postage reimbursement
4/30/2013 Trimble County$88.78 Postage reimbursement
4/30/2013 Gallatin County$37.22 Postage reimbursement
4/29/2013 Breathitt County$69.96 Postage reimbursement
4/26/2013 Rowan County$40.09 Postage reimbursement
4/24/2013 Leslie County$238.20 Postage reimbursement
4/23/2013 Estill County$90.93 Postage reimbursement
4/11/2013 Floyd County$32.62 Postage reimbursement
4/5/2013 Lewis County$84.25 Postage reimbursement
4/5/2013 Gallatin County$40.96 Postage reimbursement
4/4/2013 Mason County$70.52 Postage reimbursement
4/2/2013 Mason County$50.68 Postage reimbursement
3/29/2013 Gallatin County$36.48 Postage reimbursement
3/29/2013 Fleming County$38.66 Postage reimbursement
3/29/2013 Floyd County$34.44 Postage reimbursement
3/29/2013 Estill County$43.91 Postage reimbursement
3/29/2013 Trimble County$97.54 Postage reimbursement
3/29/2013 Trimble County$88.88 Postage reimbursement
3/29/2013 Estill County$90.79 Postage reimbursement
3/28/2013 Breathitt County$68.89 Postage reimbursement
3/28/2013 Fleming County$199.12 Postage reimbursement
3/28/2013 Floyd County$124.11 Postage reimbursement
3/27/2013 Trigg County$28.83 Postage reimbursement
3/22/2013 Mason County$35.11 Postage reimbursement
3/21/2013 Leslie County$238.37 Postage reimbursement
3/21/2013 Henry County$52.16 Postage reimbursement
3/20/2013 Owsley County$94.50 Postage reimbursement
3/15/2013 Mason County$41.99 Postage reimbursement
3/13/2013 Owsley County$132.04 Postage reimbursement
3/12/2013 Greenup County$57.71 Postage reimbursement
3/8/2013 Estill County$45.33 Postage reimbursement
3/8/2013 Floyd County$34.78 Postage reimbursement
3/8/2013 Johnson County$38.01 Postage reimbursement
3/6/2013 Johnson County$37.52 Postage reimbursement
3/5/2013 Gallatin County$41.73 Postage reimbursement
3/1/2013 Todd County$57.36 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2013 Trimble County$97.08 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2013 Floyd County$121.70 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2013 Mason County$50.36 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2013 Gallatin County$36.31 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2013 Mason County$38.84 Postage reimbursement
2/27/2013 Trigg County$28.67 Postage reimbursement
2/27/2013 Fleming County$37.17 Postage reimbursement
2/27/2013 Breathitt County$69.25 Postage reimbursement
2/26/2013 Leslie County$238.78 Postage reimbursement
2/26/2013 Estill County$34.94 Postage reimbursement
2/25/2013 Lewis County$83.54 Postage reimbursement
2/13/2013 Mason County$70.43 Postage reimbursement
2/12/2013 Floyd County$33.10 Postage reimbursement
2/8/2013 Trigg County$32.82 Postage reimbursement
2/8/2013 Rowan County$40.09 Postage reimbursement
2/8/2013 Owsley County$132.43 Postage reimbursement
2/8/2013 Fleming County$200.21 Postage reimbursement
2/6/2013 Floyd County$218.65 Postage reimbursement
2/6/2013 Floyd County$119.43 Postage reimbursement
2/5/2013 Estill County$42.39 Postage reimbursement
2/5/2013 Gallatin County$42.66 Postage reimbursement
2/2/2013 Trimble County$89.40 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2013 Mason County$50.37 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2013 Mason County$70.27 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2013 Fleming County$37.54 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2013 Trimble County$97.78 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2013 Trimble County$89.74 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2013 Gallatin County$36.31 Postage reimbursement
1/30/2013 Mason County$38.53 Postage reimbursement
1/30/2013 Estill County$89.12 Postage reimbursement
1/29/2013 Todd County$33.06 Postage reimbursement
1/28/2013 Lewis County$80.24 Postage reimbursement
1/28/2013 Breathitt County$68.89 Postage reimbursement
1/28/2013 Estill County$167.91 Postage reimbursement
1/28/2013 Leslie County$239.11 Postage reimbursement
1/25/2013 Todd County$75.98 Postage reimbursement
1/23/2013 Henry County$46.80 Postage reimbursement
1/17/2013 Mason County$67.61 Postage reimbursement
1/17/2013 Johnson County$36.69 Postage reimbursement
1/13/2013 Mason County$51.56 Postage reimbursement
1/11/2013 Greenup County$55.78 Postage reimbursement
1/7/2013 Trigg County$31.62 Postage reimbursement
1/7/2013 Floyd County$36.36 Postage reimbursement
1/3/2013 Todd County$31.04 Postage reimbursement
1/2/2013 Mason County$34.80 Postage reimbursement
1/2/2013 Floyd County$114.58 Postage reimbursement
12/27/2012 Carlisle County$34.48 Postage reimbursement
12/21/2012 Todd County$63.10 Postage reimbursement
12/21/2012 Menifee County$68.03 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2012 Fleming County$34.88 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2012 Breathitt County$67.77 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2012 Gallatin County$41.74 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2012 Gallatin County$34.63 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2012 Estill County$39.89 Postage reimbursement
12/14/2012 Estill County$85.62 Postage reimbursement
12/14/2012 Owsley County$89.75 Postage reimbursement
12/14/2012 Floyd County$34.46 Postage reimbursement
12/11/2012 Lewis County$80.48 Postage reimbursement
12/6/2012 Fleming County$188.76 Postage reimbursement
12/5/2012 Estill County$32.19 Postage reimbursement
12/3/2012 Owsley County$126.90 Postage reimbursement
12/3/2012 Estill County$39.72 Postage reimbursement
11/30/2012 Trimble County$86.65 Postage reimbursement
11/30/2012 Trimble County$96.18 Postage reimbursement
11/30/2012 Fleming County$40.00 Postage reimbursement
11/29/2012 Breathitt County$65.88 Postage reimbursement
11/29/2012 Mason County$50.86 Postage reimbursement
11/28/2012 Carlisle County$34.48 Postage reimbursement
11/28/2012 Mason County$68.15 Postage reimbursement
11/28/2012 Floyd County$114.41 Postage reimbursement
11/21/2012 Leslie County$253.30 Postage reimbursement
11/21/2012 Mason County$35.26 Postage reimbursement
11/21/2012 Henry County$46.80 Postage reimbursement
11/20/2012 Carlisle County$36.14 Postage reimbursement
11/16/2012 Greenup County$104.03 Postage reimbursement
11/14/2012 Floyd County$34.63 Postage reimbursement
11/13/2012 Trigg County$28.76 Postage reimbursement
11/8/2012 Rowan County$38.58 Postage reimbursement
11/7/2012 Gallatin County$34.05 Postage reimbursement
11/2/2012 Estill County$31.52 Postage reimbursement
11/2/2012 Johnson County$46.68 Postage reimbursement
11/2/2012 Fleming County$41.54 Postage reimbursement
11/2/2012 Greenup County$58.41 Postage reimbursement
11/1/2012 Mason County$39.38 Postage reimbursement
11/1/2012 Estill County$53.69 Postage reimbursement
11/1/2012 Mason County$54.48 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2012 Estill County$85.91 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2012 Johnson County$46.68 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2012 Breathitt County$65.36 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2012 Trimble County$96.17 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2012 Trimble County$89.16 Postage reimbursement
10/29/2012 Floyd County$115.18 Postage reimbursement
10/25/2012 Mason County$34.92 Postage reimbursement
10/25/2012 Mason County$68.31 Postage reimbursement
10/25/2012 Menifee County$12.95 Postage reimbursement
10/25/2012 Leslie County$244.34 Postage reimbursement
10/25/2012 Menifee County$112.97 Postage reimbursement
10/23/2012 Trigg County$53.83 Postage reimbursement
10/16/2012 Gallatin County$37.15 Postage reimbursement
10/10/2012 Mason County$68.28 Postage reimbursement
10/9/2012 Lewis County$90.20 Postage reimbursement
10/8/2012 Carlisle County$35.96 Postage reimbursement
10/5/2012 Carlisle County$32.06 Postage reimbursement
10/4/2012 Estill County$39.12 Postage reimbursement
10/1/2012 Mason County$54.03 Postage reimbursement
9/28/2012 Fleming County$40.58 Postage reimbursement
9/28/2012 Trimble County$99.38 Postage reimbursement
9/28/2012 Trimble County$68.84 Postage reimbursement
9/27/2012 Breathitt County$65.53 Postage reimbursement
9/27/2012 Fleming County$186.10 Postage reimbursement
9/27/2012 Mason County$35.22 Postage reimbursement
9/26/2012 Leslie County$241.36 Postage reimbursement
9/26/2012 Greenup County$58.71 Postage reimbursement
9/26/2012 Gallatin County$33.29 Postage reimbursement
9/25/2012 Floyd County$115.03 Postage reimbursement
9/24/2012 Estill County$33.16 Postage reimbursement
9/21/2012 Trigg County$28.77 Postage reimbursement
9/19/2012 Henry County$47.89 Postage reimbursement
9/19/2012 Estill County$86.83 Postage reimbursement
9/19/2012 Owsley County$128.09 Postage reimbursement
9/12/2012 Mason County$69.33 Postage reimbursement
9/10/2012 Estill County$39.90 Postage reimbursement
9/10/2012 Floyd County$52.53 Postage reimbursement
9/7/2012 Carlisle County$31.73 Postage reimbursement
9/6/2012 Fleming County$40.26 Postage reimbursement
9/5/2012 Floyd County$115.33 Postage reimbursement
9/4/2012 Fleming County$186.88 Postage reimbursement
8/31/2012 Trimble County$69.09 Postage reimbursement
8/31/2012 Gallatin County$33.30 Postage reimbursement
8/31/2012 Trimble County$98.33 Postage reimbursement
8/31/2012 Mason County$33.57 Postage reimbursement
8/31/2012 Mason County$39.24 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2012 Breathitt County$64.84 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2012 Trigg County$28.32 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2012 Mason County$59.23 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2012 Carlisle County$35.00 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2012 Lewis County$90.29 Postage reimbursement
8/23/2012 Leslie County$242.44 Postage reimbursement
8/23/2012 Johnson County$33.65 Postage reimbursement
8/22/2012 Johnson County$43.90 Postage reimbursement
8/17/2012 Henry County$46.18 Postage reimbursement
8/16/2012 Mason County$132.69 Postage reimbursement
8/9/2012 Gallatin County$37.00 Postage reimbursement
8/6/2012 Floyd County$115.17 Postage reimbursement
8/3/2012 Floyd County$34.15 Postage reimbursement
8/1/2012 Estill County$35.87 Postage reimbursement
7/31/2012 Fleming County$39.12 Postage reimbursement
7/31/2012 Trimble County$70.60 Postage reimbursement
7/31/2012 Trimble County$98.54 Postage reimbursement
7/31/2012 Breathitt County$63.49 Postage reimbursement
7/31/2012 Trigg County$66.85 Postage reimbursement
7/31/2012 Mason County$59.38 Postage reimbursement
7/31/2012 Mason County$39.56 Postage reimbursement
7/30/2012 Fleming County$185.00 Postage reimbursement
7/30/2012 Carlisle County$33.67 Postage reimbursement
7/27/2012 Mason County$59.38 Postage reimbursement
7/24/2012 Leslie County$235.76 Postage reimbursement
7/23/2012 Carlisle County$32.03 Postage reimbursement
7/19/2012 Menifee County$73.36 Postage reimbursement
7/17/2012 Henry County$31.20 Postage reimbursement
7/13/2012 Magoffin County$83.30 Postage reimbursement
7/13/2012 Rowan County$38.28 Postage reimbursement
7/13/2012 Owsley County$127.68 Postage reimbursement
7/6/2012 Carlisle County$35.00 Postage reimbursement
7/2/2012 Floyd County$115.95 Postage reimbursement
6/29/2012 Gallatin County$34.98 Postage reimbursement
6/29/2012 Mason County$59.36 Postage reimbursement
6/27/2012 Breathitt County$63.12 Postage reimbursement
6/22/2012 Gallatin County$37.44 Postage reimbursement
6/21/2012 Leslie County$232.79 Postage reimbursement
6/20/2012 Greenup County$57.91 Postage reimbursement
6/15/2012 Lewis County$89.82 Postage reimbursement
6/12/2012 Fleming County$39.26 Postage reimbursement
6/8/2012 Carlisle County$37.48 Postage reimbursement
6/7/2012 Carlisle County$34.68 Postage reimbursement
6/5/2012 Fleming County$186.29 Postage reimbursement
6/5/2012 Mason County$56.89 Postage reimbursement
6/5/2012 Floyd County$33.84 Postage reimbursement
6/4/2012 Henry County$35.72 Postage reimbursement
5/31/2012 Todd County$63.96 Postage reimbursement
5/31/2012 Trimble County$98.54 Postage reimbursement
5/31/2012 Trimble County$85.49 Postage reimbursement
5/30/2012 Floyd County$115.63 Postage reimbursement
5/30/2012 Breathitt County$63.12 Postage reimbursement
5/30/2012 Trigg County$28.80 Postage reimbursement
5/29/2012 Carlisle County$31.73 Postage reimbursement
5/25/2012 Estill County$86.58 Postage reimbursement
5/24/2012 Leslie County$238.70 Postage reimbursement
5/16/2012 Owsley County$128.37 Postage reimbursement
5/9/2012 Trigg County$28.17 Postage reimbursement
5/8/2012 Mason County$70.88 Postage reimbursement
5/7/2012 Gallatin County$32.99 Postage reimbursement
5/4/2012 Mason County$36.90 Postage reimbursement
5/3/2012 Mason County$56.86 Postage reimbursement
5/2/2012 Magoffin County$85.27 Postage reimbursement
5/1/2012 Floyd County$114.69 Postage reimbursement
5/1/2012 Estill County$86.94 Postage reimbursement
4/30/2012 Trimble County$99.40 Postage reimbursement
4/30/2012 Trimble County$85.82 Postage reimbursement
4/30/2012 Fleming County$42.86 Postage reimbursement
4/27/2012 Mason County$31.29 Postage reimbursement
4/27/2012 Fleming County$186.32 Postage reimbursement
4/27/2012 Breathitt County$63.12 Postage reimbursement
4/26/2012 Floyd County$53.03 Postage reimbursement
4/25/2012 Leslie County$239.17 Postage reimbursement
4/24/2012 Carlisle County$37.49 Postage reimbursement
4/23/2012 Estill County$34.44 Postage reimbursement
4/19/2012 Lewis County$89.89 Postage reimbursement
4/17/2012 Floyd County$33.68 Postage reimbursement
4/16/2012 Carlisle County$31.73 Postage reimbursement
4/13/2012 Todd County$63.54 Postage reimbursement
4/12/2012 Carlisle County$34.90 Postage reimbursement
4/9/2012 Mason County$70.71 Postage reimbursement
4/2/2012 Gallatin County$37.15 Postage reimbursement
4/2/2012 Mason County$56.75 Postage reimbursement
4/2/2012 Gallatin County$32.83 Postage reimbursement
3/30/2012 Trimble County$98.66 Postage reimbursement
3/30/2012 Fleming County$40.54 Postage reimbursement
3/30/2012 Trimble County$86.07 Postage reimbursement
3/29/2012 Trigg County$28.20 Postage reimbursement
3/28/2012 Breathitt County$62.26 Postage reimbursement
3/28/2012 Mason County$31.45 Postage reimbursement
3/28/2012 Henry County$46.02 Postage reimbursement
3/28/2012 Fleming County$188.76 Postage reimbursement
3/28/2012 Carlisle County$37.51 Postage reimbursement
3/26/2012 Floyd County$110.70 Postage reimbursement
3/23/2012 Grant County$63.51 Postage reimbursement
3/22/2012 Rowan County$37.83 Postage reimbursement
3/16/2012 Estill County$85.77 Postage reimbursement
3/15/2012 Estill County$36.78 Postage reimbursement
3/12/2012 Trigg County$33.26 Postage reimbursement
3/8/2012 Owsley County$128.60 Postage reimbursement
3/7/2012 Grant County$84.57 Postage reimbursement
3/6/2012 Carlisle County$34.59 Postage reimbursement
3/6/2012 Greenup County$118.32 Postage reimbursement
3/5/2012 Fleming County$40.09 Postage reimbursement
3/2/2012 Owsley County$87.98 Postage reimbursement
3/1/2012 Magoffin County$85.11 Postage reimbursement
3/1/2012 Todd County$63.54 Postage reimbursement
3/1/2012 Mason County$64.42 Postage reimbursement
3/1/2012 Floyd County$110.56 Postage reimbursement
2/29/2012 Trimble County$86.57 Postage reimbursement
2/29/2012 Trimble County$98.41 Postage reimbursement
2/29/2012 Trigg County$27.58 Postage reimbursement
2/29/2012 Floyd County$33.52 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2012 Breathitt County$60.54 Postage reimbursement
2/28/2012 Trigg County$33.39 Postage reimbursement
2/27/2012 Mason County$32.95 Postage reimbursement
2/24/2012 Carlisle County$37.51 Postage reimbursement
2/24/2012 Greenup County$63.74 Postage reimbursement
2/23/2012 Mason County$80.22 Postage reimbursement
2/22/2012 Johnson County$43.90 Postage reimbursement
2/17/2012 Fleming County$188.02 Postage reimbursement
2/16/2012 Floyd County$176.71 Postage reimbursement
2/15/2012 Carlisle County$31.73 Postage reimbursement
2/14/2012 Greenup County$77.26 Postage reimbursement
2/14/2012 Grant County$67.87 Postage reimbursement
2/9/2012 Estill County$35.24 Postage reimbursement
2/8/2012 Gallatin County$38.18 Postage reimbursement
2/7/2012 Trigg County$31.76 Postage reimbursement
2/6/2012 Johnson County$34.55 Postage reimbursement
2/6/2012 Carlisle County$38.13 Postage reimbursement
2/3/2012 Floyd County$57.82 Postage reimbursement
2/3/2012 Gallatin County$32.53 Postage reimbursement
2/3/2012 Lewis County$88.57 Postage reimbursement
2/1/2012 Mason County$80.69 Postage reimbursement
2/1/2012 Mason County$64.42 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2012 Trimble County$98.08 Postage reimbursement
1/31/2012 Trimble County$87.33 Postage reimbursement
1/30/2012 Floyd County$109.76 Postage reimbursement
1/27/2012 Breathitt County$60.20 Postage reimbursement
1/27/2012 Fleming County$38.72 Postage reimbursement
1/27/2012 Caldwell County$42.47 Postage reimbursement
1/26/2012 Mason County$40.14 Postage reimbursement
1/26/2012 Carlisle County$34.59 Postage reimbursement
1/24/2012 Leslie County$234.50 Postage reimbursement
1/24/2012 Todd County$63.64 Postage reimbursement
1/23/2012 Fleming County$184.39 Postage reimbursement
1/18/2012 Owsley County$126.25 Postage reimbursement
1/13/2012 Estill County$84.91 Postage reimbursement
1/12/2012 Carlisle County$32.14 Postage reimbursement
1/12/2012 Lewis County$89.57 Postage reimbursement
1/11/2012 Gallatin County$39.00 Postage reimbursement
1/5/2012 Mason County$81.09 Postage reimbursement
1/4/2012 Gallatin County$34.15 Postage reimbursement
1/4/2012 Mason County$58.50 Postage reimbursement
12/28/2011 Fleming County$41.82 Postage reimbursement
12/27/2011 Carlisle County$37.34 Postage reimbursement
12/27/2011 Todd County$64.80 Postage reimbursement
12/23/2011 Mason County$39.52 Postage reimbursement
12/23/2011 Trigg County$32.00 Postage reimbursement
12/21/2011 Estill County$84.99 Postage reimbursement
12/21/2011 Floyd County$110.87 Postage reimbursement
12/21/2011 Menifee County$48.35 Postage reimbursement
12/20/2011 Breathitt County$60.73 Postage reimbursement
12/15/2011 Owsley County$87.10 Postage reimbursement
12/14/2011 Carlisle County$32.33 Postage reimbursement
12/14/2011 Gallatin County$44.07 Postage reimbursement
12/13/2011 Greenup County$58.37 Postage reimbursement
12/12/2011 Johnson County$44.23 Postage reimbursement
12/12/2011 Rowan County$38.66 Postage reimbursement
12/8/2011 Floyd County$57.94 Postage reimbursement
12/7/2011 Carlisle County$37.81 Postage reimbursement
12/2/2011 Carlisle County$37.81 Postage reimbursement
12/2/2011 Estill County$33.64 Postage reimbursement
12/1/2011 Floyd County$110.24 Postage reimbursement
12/1/2011 Mason County$65.53 Postage reimbursement
12/1/2011 Trigg County$32.00 Postage reimbursement
11/30/2011 Trimble County$95.61 Postage reimbursement
11/30/2011 Trimble County$88.74 Postage reimbursement
11/29/2011 Breathitt County$60.20 Postage reimbursement
11/23/2011 Mason County$39.20 Postage reimbursement
11/22/2011 Leslie County$234.54 Postage reimbursement
11/17/2011 Trigg County$34.48 Postage reimbursement
11/17/2011 Estill County$85.24 Postage reimbursement
11/16/2011 Carlisle County$32.31 Postage reimbursement
11/16/2011 Owsley County$133.76 Postage reimbursement
11/15/2011 Todd County$64.59 Postage reimbursement
11/9/2011 Mason County$81.09 Postage reimbursement
11/8/2011 Gallatin County$45.59 Postage reimbursement
11/2/2011 Gallatin County$37.77 Postage reimbursement
11/1/2011 Greenup County$66.42 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2011 Trimble County$82.48 Postage reimbursement
10/31/2011 Trimble County$95.32 Postage reimbursement
10/29/2011 Breathitt County$59.68 Postage reimbursement
10/28/2011 Trigg County$28.82 Postage reimbursement
10/28/2011 Mason County$66.21 Postage reimbursement
10/28/2011 Mason County$39.99 Postage reimbursement
10/26/2011 Greenup County$57.08 Postage reimbursement
10/26/2011 Johnson County$44.43 Postage reimbursement
10/21/2011 Menifee County$47.88 Postage reimbursement
10/12/2011 Mason County$81.09 Postage reimbursement
10/3/2011 Mason County$66.84 Postage reimbursement
9/30/2011 Trimble County$69.50 Postage reimbursement
9/30/2011 Johnson County$40.83 Postage reimbursement
9/30/2011 Trimble County$95.53 Postage reimbursement
9/30/2011 Owsley County$126.63 Postage reimbursement
9/29/2011 Carlisle County$31.79 Postage reimbursement
9/29/2011 Rowan County$38.50 Postage reimbursement
9/28/2011 Carlisle County$32.31 Postage reimbursement
9/27/2011 Carlisle County$37.65 Postage reimbursement
9/27/2011 Trigg County$28.41 Postage reimbursement
9/9/2011 Trigg County$28.19 Postage reimbursement
9/9/2011 Todd County$63.47 Postage reimbursement
9/8/2011 Carlisle County$37.67 Postage reimbursement
9/7/2011 Lewis County$88.81 Postage reimbursement
9/7/2011 Gallatin County$46.54 Postage reimbursement
9/6/2011 Gallatin County$37.76 Postage reimbursement
9/2/2011 Owsley County$126.63 Postage reimbursement
9/1/2011 Fleming County$40.81 Postage reimbursement
8/31/2011 Floyd County$109.11 Postage reimbursement
8/31/2011 Trimble County$70.08 Postage reimbursement
8/31/2011 Trimble County$95.75 Postage reimbursement
8/30/2011 Johnson County$44.76 Postage reimbursement
8/29/2011 Fleming County$189.16 Postage reimbursement
8/22/2011 Floyd County$54.77 Postage reimbursement
8/22/2011 Floyd County$58.10 Postage reimbursement
8/15/2011 Grant County$37.55 Postage reimbursement
8/9/2011 Owsley County$126.63 Postage reimbursement
8/8/2011 Carlisle County$32.64 Postage reimbursement
8/3/2011 Carlisle County$37.67 Postage reimbursement
8/2/2011 Fleming County$43.08 Postage reimbursement
8/1/2011 Todd County$67.62 Postage reimbursement
7/29/2011 Trimble County$95.11 Postage reimbursement
7/29/2011 Trimble County$85.41 Postage reimbursement
7/29/2011 Trigg County$28.37 Postage reimbursement
7/26/2011 Carlisle County$31.95 Postage reimbursement
7/25/2011 Gallatin County$46.69 Postage reimbursement
7/22/2011 Grant County$80.29 Postage reimbursement
7/14/2011 Grant County$37.71 Postage reimbursement
7/13/2011 Gallatin County$37.16 Postage reimbursement
7/12/2011 Menifee County$48.21 Postage reimbursement
7/11/2011 Carlisle County$37.67 Postage reimbursement
6/29/2011 Owsley County$87.48 Postage reimbursement
6/24/2011 Carlisle County$32.64 Postage reimbursement
6/23/2011 Caldwell County$37.92 Postage reimbursement
6/21/2011 Owsley County$125.87 Postage reimbursement
6/2/2011 Grant County$37.86 Postage reimbursement
6/2/2011 Trigg County$32.51 Postage reimbursement
6/1/2011 Grant County$80.10 Postage reimbursement
5/27/2011 Grant County$64.10 Postage reimbursement
5/6/2011 Owsley County$192.30 Postage reimbursement
5/4/2011 Trigg County$32.47 Postage reimbursement
4/27/2011 Owsley County$81.39 Postage reimbursement
4/18/2011 Grant County$62.87 Postage reimbursement
4/13/2011 Grant County$79.93 Postage reimbursement
3/30/2011 Trigg County$31.43 Postage reimbursement
8/17/201 Floyd County$34.15 Postage reimbursement