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Benjamin Abourjeily

2014 Kentucky Soybean Performance Tests
12/11/2014 (new)

 UK Authors: Benjamin Abourjeily, Joshua Duckworth,
 Departments: Plant and Soil Sciences
 Series: Progress Report (PR series)
 Tags: farm crops, grain crops, research,

The Kentucky Soybean Variety Performance Tests are conducted to provide an unbiased, objective estimate of the relative performance of soybean varieties in Kentucky. This information may be used by growers and seed producers to aid in selecting varieties that will give the highest total production in a specific situation. Soybean cultivars were entered by soybean growers, commercial companies, and state and federal institutions. Thirty soybean tests were planted in 2014 in Kentucky at the six test locations shown below. Planting dates and other information are shown in Table 1. Data for the maturity groups IV Early, IV Late and V at the Caldwell County location are not provided to avoid penalizing any variety (plots were damaged by a storm soon after planting).

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