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Jennifer Bridge

Delivering Your Marketing Message: Planning Productive Promotions
5/2/2016 (new)

Effective marketing messages build awareness and interest in an organization's programs, products, and services. Successful promotions begin with a plan to deliver the right message to the right people for greatest participation and impact. | CLD3-2
web only | 4 pages | 2,006 words | 35 downloads | PDF: 217 kb

Building a Marketing Toolkit
4/26/2016 (new)

To begin assembling your organization's marketing toolkit, ask the following question: What are the most basic and useful tools that could be implemented to market our organization, its programs and activities? | CLD3-3
web only | 5 pages | 2,252 words | 35 downloads | PDF: 258 kb

Facilitating Community Forums
3/3/2016 (new)

Planning and conducting an effective community forum requires several key elements. Scheduling a meeting place and choosing a location and time should be carefully considered. Choosing the right people to lead the forum is also important. | CLD3-7
web only | 2 pages | 1,091 words | 23 downloads | PDF: 156 kb

Financial Oversight for a Nonprofit Organization: FCS Facilitator's Guide
2/6/2013 (new)

Successful organizations follow regulations and guidelines pertaining to sound financial management practices. Organization leaders and members understand the need for accurate and timely reporting and have in place internal, and if necessary, external rules of management. | CLD2-11-FCS
web only | 6 pages | 2,152 words | 12 downloads | PDF: 367 kb

Speaking for Success: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Effective communicators ultimately influence and engage others. The words you say and how you say them helps build an atmosphere of trust and, ultimately, the willingness to take action. | CLD1-10-FCS
web only | 6 pages | 1,258 words | 27 downloads | PDF: 289 kb

People Learn with a Purpose: Understanding Learning Styles: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Understanding why and how you learn best is essential, especially if you are trying to teach others. | CLD1-2-FCS
web only | 6 pages | 1,681 words | 9 downloads | PDF: 431 kb

The Power of Motivation: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Motivation, as a concept, explains why people think and behave the way they do. To achieve personal or organizational success one must recognize key concepts that motivate behavior to meet needs and desires. | CLD1-1-FCS
web only | 5 pages | 1,882 words | 16 downloads | PDF: 409 kb