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Daniel Carpenter


Off Grid Solar Systems: Understanding Components and Variables for Small Systems

3/9/2022 (new)
Authors: Matt Adams, Daniel Carpenter, Morgan Hayes

Off grid solar systems are often considered on farms and small acreages in locations where power is difficult or expensive to run. These locations typically do not have huge power requirements; the land owners just wish to have lights in a barn, a fence charger, or to run a small motor or power tool. Off grid solar systems provide an opportunity to have power without the expense of an electric service. Before purchasing an off grid solar system, it is important to have an idea of what electrical items the system will be used to operate, and to understand the components that make up the solar panel system (batteries, fuses, controllers, and inverters).

Departments: Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Hardin County, Larue County
Series: Agricultural Engineering (AEN series)
Size: 1.88 mb
Pages: 4


2020 Soybean Yield and Quality Contest

1/26/2021 (new)
Authors: Danny Adams, Matt Adams, Samantha Anderson, Ricky Arnett, Daniel Carpenter, Graham Cofield, Meagan Diss, Greg Drake, Colby Guffey, Clint Hardy, Carrie Knott, Leann Martin, Jason Phillips, Paul Andrew Rideout, Glen Roberts, Ben Rudy, Michelle Simon, Darrell Simpson, Mike Smith

In Kentucky, farmers grow soybeans in two common soybean production systems: full season and double crop. Farmers plant full season soybeans in the spring and harvest them that fall, so they have harvested one crop in one calendar year. Farmers plant double crop soybeans after wheat harvest in June. These soybeans are harvested later that fall, making them the second crop harvested in the same calendar year. Both systems are important to the overall production of soybean in Kentucky. Therefore, in 1980, an annual soybean yield contest was initiated in Kentucky to document the agronomic practices utilized by producers.

Departments: Boone County, Butler County, Clinton County, Daviess County, Fulton County, Graves County, Green County, Hardin County, Henderson County, Larue County, Logan County, Muhlenberg County, Plant and Soil Sciences, Simpson County, Trigg County, Union County, Wayne County
Series: Progress Report (PR series)
Size: 984 kb
Pages: 12