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Bob Flashman

Selecting a Major and Career for a Sound Financial Future
11/29/2017 (new)

Many students enter college not knowing what they want to study or what their career interests are. It is common for college freshmen and sophomores to have undeclared majors. Many students change their majors throughout their college career, and for a variety of reasons. It is not surprising that they might decide on a different career than they had in mind originally. Selecting your major is something to be passionate about. You also have to have the aptitude. When making your final decision, consider the economic value of your major. How much can you earn? Will you be able to live where you want? Will your education and internship opportunities lead where you want? | FCS5-467
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Don't Become a Victim of Educational Fraud and Student Debt
11/29/2017 (new)

Education is a stepping stone to greater opportunity in life. The more education and career training you have, the more you are likely to earn in your career. But education beyond high school is becoming increasingly expensive for students and families, and those who need it must find ways to pay. Each year, many students take out student loans in order to continue their education and prepare for good careers. They may, however, end up with overwhelming debt. This brings great financial strain, possibly for decades to come. | FCS5-466
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Steps Toward Hiring a Dependable Contractor
8/29/2013 (new)

When building or repairing your home, the general contractor you hire can be either the biggest help or the biggest source of problems you will encounter. You can learn to protect your interests and avoid financial disaster by becoming an informed consumer. | FCS4-419
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The Value of Continued Education
11/13/2012 (new)

For most students, high school is not the end of their career preparation. Education and training beyond high school provide greater opportunities for finding and keeping a job, particularly in tough economic times. Continued education can have an impact on family well-being. | FCS5-456
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Paying for Continued Education
11/13/2012 (new)

Various forms of continued education and training are available. They range from a four-year program at an expensive private college or university to a less expensive state university or even a community or technical college. Once you decide where you want to continue your education, you can search out the various forms of financial aid that are available, both from the educational institution itself and from outside sources. | FCS5-455
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Make Your Charitable Giving Count
11/13/2012 (new)

Many charities in the United States are competing for your money. Unfortunately, an estimated $20 billion intended for charitable contributions may end up in the pockets of fraudulent solicitors. With more than half a million federally recognized charities soliciting your contributions, your good intentions are not enough. To make the most of your charitable giving, you must carefully research charitable organizations before donating. | FCS5-454
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Alternatives to Identity Theft Protection Service
11/13/2012 (new)

When the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released their list of the top ten consumer complaints of 2010, identity theft once again topped the list. Many criminals realize how much easier it is to steal from consumers and businesses via identity theft and how much less likely they are to be caught. Unfortunately, their crimes find many victims. | FCS5-453
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Financial Strain and the Lemon Experience of Life
11/13/2012 (new)

If you find yourself facing financial strain, a common lemon experience, you can learn to deal with challenging economic conditions by rethinking your approach. By learning what is most important to you and your family, you can find new ways to make the most of your money and make your family happier in the process. | FCS5-452
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The Successful Person's Guide to Time Management
6/9/2008 (minor revision)

| FCS7-101
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