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Ron Hustedde


What Every Kentucky Leader Needs to Know About Entrepreneurship

2/19/2009 (new)
Authors: Ron Hustedde

Elected leaders are expected to have opinions about everything under the sun, including issues related to economic growth and opportunity in urban as well as rural areas. This paper explains what elected leaders need to know about the economic future. It also provides information about entrepreneurship and twelve action steps that elected leaders can take to build entrepreneurial-friendly communities.

Departments: Community and Leadership Development
Series: Community and Economic Development (DEV series)
Size: 416 kb
Pages: 12


Designing a Rural Leadership Program and Curriculum

7/1/1996 (reprinted)
Authors: Ron Hustedde

Departments: Sociology
Series: Interprogram (IP series)
Size: 130 kb
Pages: 8


Guidelines for Public Issues Education

6/1/1996 (reprinted)
Authors: Ron Hustedde, Craig Infanger

Departments: Agricultural Economics, Sociology
Series: Interprogram (IP series)
Size: 311 kb
Pages: 2