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Janet Johnson

Delivering Your Marketing Message: Planning Productive Promotions
5/2/2016 (new)

Effective marketing messages build awareness and interest in an organization's programs, products, and services. Successful promotions begin with a plan to deliver the right message to the right people for greatest participation and impact. | CLD3-2
web only | 4 pages | 2,006 words | 36 downloads | PDF: 217 kb

Building a Marketing Toolkit
4/26/2016 (new)

To begin assembling your organization's marketing toolkit, ask the following question: What are the most basic and useful tools that could be implemented to market our organization, its programs and activities? | CLD3-3
web only | 5 pages | 2,252 words | 39 downloads | PDF: 258 kb

Significant Leadership Characteristics: FCS Facilitator's Guide
4/4/2013 (minor revision)

For maximum leadership development potential, it is important for every person to have a strong understanding of what leadership is, what good leadership looks like and how it can vary task and relationship-oriented approaches for maximum leadership development potential. | CLD1-6-FCS
web only | 6 pages | 1,337 words | 17 downloads | PDF: 361 kb

Educating Members, Volunteers and Leaders in Community Organizations: Empower Your Group by Developing Leadership: FCS Facilitator's Guide
2/6/2013 (new)

Educating, empowering and equipping organizational participants adds stability, quality and effectiveness to the organization and its provided programs. | CLD2-7-FCS
web only | 9 pages | 3,972 words | 17 downloads | PDF: 391 kb

Generating Members, Volunteers and Leaders in Community Organizations: Grow Your Group by Building Its Membership: FCS Facilitator's Guide
2/5/2013 (new)

Successful organizations consist of members, volunteers and leaders who engage creative talents and interests to better serve the community. In order to effectively address community issues, the organization must assess its participant needs with specific roles and responsibilities necessary to take action. | CLD2-4-FCS
web only | 11 pages | 2,507 words | 22 downloads | PDF: 514 kb

Understanding Your Organization's Culture: FCS Facilitator's Guide
2/5/2013 (new)

Effective leaders have a profound effect upon the culture of their organizations. Leaders hire and fire, determine policies and are organizational role models. All of these factors impact an organization's culture. Therefore, it is important that leaders understand the basics behind culture and how to influence it toward desired results. | CLD2-1-FCS
web only | 4 pages | 2,003 words | 18 downloads | PDF: 313 kb

Speaking for Success: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Effective communicators ultimately influence and engage others. The words you say and how you say them helps build an atmosphere of trust and, ultimately, the willingness to take action. | CLD1-10-FCS
web only | 6 pages | 1,258 words | 27 downloads | PDF: 289 kb

The Influence of Personal Characteristics: Personality, Culture and Environment: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

To grow as an effective leader you must understand yourself as well as the differences of personal characteristics in others. | CLD1-9-FCS
web only | 5 pages | 1,365 words | 31 downloads | PDF: 339 kb

Understanding Generational Differences: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

By gaining a better understanding of the values that have shaped each generation, we increase our opportunity for building strong family, work and community relationships. | CLD1-8-FCS
web only | 3 pages | 917 words | 23 downloads | PDF: 261 kb

Followership: Understanding the Basics of Teamwork: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

One cannot be a leader without followers--and some would argue that this requirement makes followers just as important as leaders. It is important to understand why and how people follow. | CLD1-5-FCS
web only | 4 pages | 1,105 words | 11 downloads | PDF: 261 kb

Influencing Others with the Stories You Tell: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Effective leaders have learned that good illustrations can make a point. Stories can be used to train, mentor, and coach others. | CLD1-4-FCS
web only | 4 pages | 1,398 words | 9 downloads | PDF: 286 kb

Communication Essentials for Good Impressions: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Communication is the key to effective leadership and fulfilling organizational vision and mission. | CLD1-3-FCS
web only | 3 pages | 1,192 words | 17 downloads | PDF: 268 kb

People Learn with a Purpose: Understanding Learning Styles: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Understanding why and how you learn best is essential, especially if you are trying to teach others. | CLD1-2-FCS
web only | 6 pages | 1,681 words | 9 downloads | PDF: 431 kb

The Power of Motivation: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Motivation, as a concept, explains why people think and behave the way they do. To achieve personal or organizational success one must recognize key concepts that motivate behavior to meet needs and desires. | CLD1-1-FCS
web only | 5 pages | 1,882 words | 16 downloads | PDF: 409 kb

People Learn with a Purpose: Understanding Learning Styles
1/6/2011 (new)

Understanding why and how you--or your learners, if you are leading a group--learn best is the key to a positive learning experience. | CLD1-2
web only | 3 pages | 1,190 words | 18 downloads | PDF: 384 kb

The Power of Motivation
1/6/2011 (new)

This publication explores why are we driven to exert effort toward accomplishing one thing but not another? Motivation, as a concept, explains why people think and behave the way they do. | CLD1-1
web only | 4 pages | 1,476 words | 25 downloads | PDF: 343 kb