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Daniel Kahl

Aligning Leadership Programs with Community Development
12/5/2017 (new)

Aligning the content and activities of a leadership program with the intended outcomes for the participants, stakeholders, and broader community is important for several reasons. This publication will help community leaders who oversee a community-based leadership development program to align their leadership development with community development. For community leaders thinking of starting a leadership program, this publication will be a valuable resource for providing focus and identifying desired program content. | CLD2-13
web only | 4 pages | 1,461 words | 14 downloads | PDF: 195 kb

A Conveners' Guide to Hosting a Public Forum
10/20/2016 (new)

This guide is intended to provide support to Cooperative Extension professionals who intend to bring the public together for an issue discussion. It will provide a general overview to help the convener of a public meeting address basic details needed to design and host a meeting. | CLD2-12
web only | 5 pages | 2,731 words | 33 downloads | PDF: 262 kb