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Daniel Kahl

Understanding Community Health Through a Policy, Systems, and Environment Approach
8/14/2018 (new)

Communities can host a complex array of interacting organizations, programs, services and resources. The existing policies, systems, and environments that impact the health of community members can be a confusing maze of physical attributes, organizational systems, and rules that govern behavior. This document will help Cooperative Extension agents and health advocates by teasing apart the complexity of community living to identify assets and barriers to community health. The document also explores the importance of engaging community members in the process of community health asset identification and improvement. | CLD2-14
web only | 3 pages | 1,476 words | 7 downloads | PDF: 270 kb

Aligning Leadership Programs with Community Development
12/5/2017 (new)

Aligning the content and activities of a leadership program with the intended outcomes for the participants, stakeholders, and broader community is important for several reasons. This publication will help community leaders who oversee a community-based leadership development program to align their leadership development with community development. For community leaders thinking of starting a leadership program, this publication will be a valuable resource for providing focus and identifying desired program content. | CLD2-13
web only | 4 pages | 1,461 words | 25 downloads | PDF: 195 kb

A Conveners' Guide to Hosting a Public Forum
10/20/2016 (new)

This guide is intended to provide support to Cooperative Extension professionals who intend to bring the public together for an issue discussion. It will provide a general overview to help the convener of a public meeting address basic details needed to design and host a meeting. | CLD2-12
web only | 5 pages | 2,731 words | 38 downloads | PDF: 262 kb