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Katie Keith


Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future: Youth

4/9/2012 (new)
Authors: Diana Drury, Nichole Huff, Jennifer Hunter, Katie Keith, Jackie Walters

The Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future: Youth program includes a variety of activities and learning lessons that may be used by those in the traditional classroom setting, an after-school program, 4-H youth development programs, home school programs, or by other groups interested in learning more about health and personal finance.

Departments: Family and Consumer Sciences, HES Family Sciences
Series: FCS: Family Resource Management (FCS5 series)
Size: 11.50 mb
Pages: 74


Speaking for Success: How to Influence Others

4/26/2011 (new)
Authors: Katie Keith, Kristina Ricketts

Because public speaking plays such an important role in society, learning to be an effective speaker can lead to more successful results for any group or organization.

Departments: Community and Leadership Development, Family and Consumer Sciences
Series: Developing Personal Leadership (CLD1 series)
Size: 253 kb
Pages: 2