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Kenna Knight

Creating a Successful Coalition
3/1/2016 (new)

Coalition can be defined as a group of people or groups who have joined together for a common purpose. How to start a coalition is not a mystery. First you identify your need, and then you find individuals or organizations that are interested in helping to find a solution for that need. | CLD3-5
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Why Form a Coalition?
7/28/2015 (new)

A coalition is two or more organizations that work together to reach a common goal. Usually the goals of a coalition include one of the following: changing or creating public policy, changing or influencing individual behavior or building a healthier community. | CLD3-4
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Mobilizing Members, Volunteers and Leaders in Community Organizations: Calling the Group to Action: FCS Facilitator's Guide
2/6/2013 (new)

Organizational participants will be mobilized in order for anything to be accomplished by being engaged, motivated and supervised. | CLD2-8-FCS
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Understanding and Dealing with Conflict: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Successful conflict resolution relies on understanding how to utilize the correct conflict response for each circumstance and the removal of barriers to effectiveness. | CLD1-7-FCS
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Influencing Others with the Stories You Tell: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Effective leaders have learned that good illustrations can make a point. Stories can be used to train, mentor, and coach others. | CLD1-4-FCS
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