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Face Shape and Hair Care
When selecting a hair style, consider the shape of your face. What style will compliment that shape? What attributes do you want to emphasize?
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How Do You See Your Body?
Every person's body is shaped differently. Some are larger on the top. Others are larger on the bottom. Some people are straight, and others are curvy. Knowing your body type and selecting clothing that will balance your appearance can improve your body image and your outlook.
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Finding the Right Bra
A bra that fits properly can improve posture, prevent back pain and injury, relieve muscle tension, and enhance your overall look.
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Color is Key
Each person has unique skin, hair, and eye coloring. Clothing and cosmetics that compliment an individual's coloring make a person appear healthier and more attractive.
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Extending Your Wardrobe Investment
Have you recently had a change in weight? Are you preparing for a job interview? Or maybe you are starting a new job and need to build a career wardrobe. Building a wardrobe can be expensive, so you need to use some shopping savvy.
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