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Sally Mineer


Making the Most of Meals While Traveling

3/3/2022 (new)
Authors: Nichole Huff, Sally Mineer, Heather Norman-Burgdolf

For many, planning your next travel adventure can be just as enjoyable as the trip itself. It is fun to daydream about where you will stay, how you will get there, and what you will do when you arrive--but what about the food you plan to eat during your travels? Research suggests meals and other food items can make up 25% of your travel budget. We look for deals and steals where we stay; however, we can also be strategic in planning, preparing, and purchasing food on vacation to ensure we still have exciting, nutritious, and cost-conscious meals. Food, like lodging and transportation, is a nonnegotiable vacation expense because you must get to your destination, have a place to sleep each night, and have food to eat each day. Saving money on meals leaves extra cash available for making memories or perhaps, extending the length of your vacation.

Departments: Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences, Family Sciences
Series: FCS: Food and Nutrition (FCS3 series)
Size: 1.43 mb
Pages: 5


Travel Arrangements

7/2/2018 (new)
Authors: Alex Elswick, Brooke Jenkins-Howard, Sally Mineer

Going on a vacation is supposed to be a relaxing, stress free experience. Unfortunately, you cannot relax until you have made all of the arrangements for your vacation. Where will you go? How will you get there? How will you spend your time? Giving adequate forethought to get ready for your trip will make for a more enjoyable vacation. One option for consumers is to seek professional help from a travel agent or other travel professional.

Departments: Family and Consumer Sciences, Family Science
Series: FCS: Family Resource Management (FCS5 series)
Size: 984 kb
Pages: 3


Health and Travel

7/2/2018 (new)
Authors: Alex Elswick, Jennifer Hunter, Brooke Jenkins-Howard, Sally Mineer

Getting sick on vacation is bad news. It has the potential to ruin the trip for everyone. Finding quality medical care while on vacation can be difficult as well. While you may not always be able to prevent illness when travelling, you can be adequately prepared to minimize your symptoms and to get back to reclining comfortably on the beach as soon as possible. Consider the following suggestions to prepare for the possibility of health complications while traveling.

Departments: Family and Consumer Sciences, Family Science
Series: FCS: Family Resource Management (FCS5 series)
Size: 299 kb
Pages: 2