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Annhall Norris

Recommended Food Storage Times: Cold and Dry Refrigerated and Frozen Foods
5/16/2017 (new)

Knowing how to store foods and maintain quality is important. Properly storing food results in optimum nutritional value, reduced waste from spoilage, decreased risk of foodborne illness, and fresher, better tasting food. | FCS3-595
web only | 8 pages | 2,033 words | 26 downloads | PDF: 914 kb

Drying Food at Home
3/30/2017 (major revision)

Drying food at home has several advantages. It can help you save money, gain control over what's in your food, and preserve the bounty of summer gardens and orchards for your family's year-round enjoyment. | FCS3-501
web only | 16 pages | 7,532 words | 62 downloads | PDF: 375 kb