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Kristina Ricketts

Community Power: Bringing the Right People to the Table
2/26/2016 (new)

Empowerment--the ability to enable or share power--can be encouraged within the community context. In this publication we will share with you a traditional definition of community power, how to outline a community's power structure, and a process on how to bring the right "power players" to the table. | CLD3-6
web only | 3 pages | 1,158 words | 29 downloads | PDF: 185 kb

Understanding Generational Differences: ANR Facilitator's Guide
7/10/2013 (new)

By gaining a better understanding of the values that have shaped each generation, we increase our opportunity for building strong family, work, and community relationships. | CLD1-8-ANR
web only | 4 pages | 1,900 words | 19 downloads | PDF: 314 kb

Significant Leadership Characteristics
4/4/2013 (minor revision)

Everyone has the opportunity to be a leader at some point, so it is important that every person have a strong understanding of what leadership is, what good leadership looks like, and how it can vary between individuals. Learning about leadership will make you much more effective the next time it is your turn to lead. | CLD1-6
web only | 2 pages | 803 words | 64 downloads | PDF: 263 kb

Using a SWOT Analysis: Taking a Look at Your Organization
2/5/2013 (new)

Before you try to determine a strategy to address your community issue, you need to evaluate the factors that may affect your decision. The more thoroughly you prepare up front, the better your results will be. A SWOT analysis is used to examine the factors and help determine how you can reach your goal successfully. | CLD2-5
web only | 3 pages | 925 words | 38 downloads | PDF: 237 kb

Visioning: Setting the Future for Your Organization
2/5/2013 (new)

The important role that vision plays within a successful organization cannot be underestimated. A vision transforms an organization; it offers a picture of what could be, and encourages the organization to move toward that goal. | CLD2-2
web only | 3 pages | 1,285 words | 23 downloads | PDF: 306 kb

Understanding Your Organization's Culture
2/5/2013 (new)

A thorough knowledge of your organization's culture can lead to a variety of successful outcomes, including improved leadership, increased community engagement, and ideally, organizational growth. | CLD2-1
web only | 3 pages | 1,269 words | 20 downloads | PDF: 290 kb

Understanding Your Organization's Culture: FCS Facilitator's Guide
2/5/2013 (new)

Effective leaders have a profound effect upon the culture of their organizations. Leaders hire and fire, determine policies and are organizational role models. All of these factors impact an organization's culture. Therefore, it is important that leaders understand the basics behind culture and how to influence it toward desired results. | CLD2-1-FCS
web only | 4 pages | 2,003 words | 18 downloads | PDF: 313 kb

Followership: Understanding the Basics of Teamwork: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

One cannot be a leader without followers--and some would argue that this requirement makes followers just as important as leaders. It is important to understand why and how people follow. | CLD1-5-FCS
web only | 4 pages | 1,105 words | 11 downloads | PDF: 261 kb

Communication Essentials for Good Impressions: FCS Facilitator's Guide
6/20/2012 (new)

Communication is the key to effective leadership and fulfilling organizational vision and mission. | CLD1-3-FCS
web only | 3 pages | 1,192 words | 17 downloads | PDF: 268 kb

Speaking for Success: How to Influence Others
4/26/2011 (new)

Because public speaking plays such an important role in society, learning to be an effective speaker can lead to more successful results for any group or organization. | CLD1-10
web only | 2 pages | 926 words | 62 downloads | PDF: 253 kb

The Influence of Personal Characteristics: Personality, Culture and Environment
4/26/2011 (new)

Fundamentally, leadership involves human interaction. Thus, understanding ourselves, our temperaments and why we tend to respond in certain ways is important in our development as a leader and in working with others to reach shared goals. | CLD1-9
web only | 3 pages | 1,476 words | 29 downloads | PDF: 278 kb

Followership: Understanding the Basics of Teamwork
1/6/2011 (new)

To reap the benefits of successful teamwork, we must understand why and how people follow. | CLD1-5
web only | 2 pages | 838 words | 24 downloads | PDF: 283 kb

Communication Essentials for Good Impressions
1/6/2011 (new)

Let's learn more about non-verbal communication (body language) and the roles speaking and active listening pay in communication. | CLD1-3
web only | 2 pages | 819 words | 17 downloads | PDF: 257 kb

The Philosophy Behind Empowerment
10/7/2010 (new)

The connection between power and empowerment is tangible--the term "empowerment" includes power in its definition. Most often, power is defined behaviorally--as the ability of one individual or group to affect the actions of another. | ELK2-104
web only | 6 pages | - | 12 downloads | PDF: 237 kb

Power Basics
8/25/2009 (new)

This publication will address the basics of power--how it is defined, basic individual and organizational power sources, how to identify community power structures, the distribution and price of using power, and finally some of the more common misconceptions about power. | ELK2-103
120 printed copies | 8 pages | - | 16 downloads | PDF: 395 kb

4/7/2009 (new)

A primary purpose behind this publication is to illustrate how indispensable good followers are to a good leader. To do this we will lay out the basics of followership, introduce the leader-follower loop, confer on why individuals follow and finally discuss two key aspects of good followership--essential qualities and the importance of leader/follower collaboration. | ELK1-205
web only | 6 pages | - | 20 downloads | PDF: 287 kb

Behaving Intelligently: Leadership Traits and Characteristics
3/12/2009 (new)

Sometimes effective leadership is more of a mark of successfully matching a leader (and their unique skills and characteristics) with the appropriate situation, rather than changing or developing specific leadership characteristics. | ELK1-102
250 printed copies | 7 pages | - | 27 downloads | PDF: 404 kb

Leadership versus Management
2/26/2009 (new)

In this document, we will address fundamental definitions of leadership and management, behaviors consistent with effective leadership and management, and the specific types of skills that contribute toward effective management. | ELK1-103
120 printed copies | 5 pages | - | 33 downloads | PDF: 226 kb

Competent Leaders: What Effective Leaders do Well
2/19/2009 (new)

In this publication, we will discuss how to measure leadership effectiveness, some common characteristics of effective leaders, the difference between successful and effective leaders, and some obstacles leaders encounter in being effective. | ELK1-101
120 printed copies | 7 pages | - | 30 downloads | PDF: 261 kb

Say Hello to Leadership
1/20/2009 (new)

Interacting effectively with other people is important to everyone--whether employee, leader, follower, constituent, or community member. Learning the basics of leadership could be the best hour you have ever spent on life-long learning. | ELK1-100
120 printed copies | 8 pages | - | 25 downloads | PDF: 335 kb