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Kathleen Russell

Impact of Climate Change on Wheat Production in Kentucky: Plant and Soil Sciences Research Report (vol. 3, no. 3, 2014)

9/8/2014 (new)
Authors: Chad Lee, Rebecca McCulley, Kathleen Russell, Dave Van Sanford

Soft red winter wheat is one of the major row crops in Kentucky, along with corn and soybean. Climate change and variability have the potential to significantly impact this important economic enterprise within our state. Perhaps no year in recent history has seen as dramatic a negative impact of weather on annual crop yields as 2012. Kentucky experienced above normal temperatures during late winter and early spring that advanced wheat growth beyond normal levels. The warm weather was followed by a late spring freeze that severely damaged wheat yields. Following the late freeze, above normal spring temperatures encouraged farmers to plant corn early and most of the crop had an excellent start to the season. However, spring was followed by some of the hottest and driest weather in 50 to 70 years, depending on the location in Kentucky, and corn yields were devastated. Conversely, 2013 was relatively wet and cooler for most of the wheat, corn and soybean growing season, resulting in excellent yields of all three crops.

Departments: Plant and Soil Sciences
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Pages: 21