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Jessica Sayre


Sweet Corn Exhibit

1/13/2022 (new)
Authors: Jessica Sayre

The sweet corn exhibit allows you to display the sweet corn that you have grown in your garden. Sweet corn comes in many different varieties and usually fits into three different color categories. Yellow, white, or bi-colored (a mixture of yellow and white kernels). The sweet corn exhibit is judged on three criteria including quality, uniformity, and required number of specimen.

Departments: 4-H Programs, Harrison County
Series: 4-H Animals and Poultry: Swine (4AH series)
Size: 400 kb
Pages: 1


Rust Diseases of Brambles

1/5/2021 (major revision)
Authors: Nicole Ward Gauthier, Jessica Sayre

The three most important rust diseases occurring on brambles in Kentucky are cane and leaf rust, late rust, and orange rust. The most destructive of these diseases is orange rust, which is ultimately lethal to plants. Once infected, entire plants must be removed and destroyed. In contrast, cane and leaf rust, along with late rust, are not lethal to plants and can be managed using cultural practices and fungicides. Distinguishing between these rust diseases is critical for proper management.

Departments: Harrison County, Horticulture, Plant Pathology
Series: Small Fruit Disease: Plant Pathology Factsheet (PPFS-FR-S series)
Size: 1.00 mb
Pages: 5