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Amanda Sterrett


A Fresh Cow Health Monitoring System

4/2/2014 (new)
Authors: Donna Amaral-Phillips, Michelle Arnold, Jeffrey Bewley, Amanda Sterrett

Researchers at the University of Kentucky combined existing disease detection systems to produce a fresh cow examination system that may help producers detect diseases earlier by monitoring subtle changes every day during a cow's fresh period. Compiling daily information about each animal will enable producers to notice changes in health that may otherwise have been overlooked. These records may help producers detect illnesses early, thus reducing the long-term effects (reduced milk production or fertility) and costs (re-treatment, milk loss, or death) of a disease. Learning what diseases are common on a particular farm can focus producers' efforts towards preventive measures specific to their operation. Preventing disease, rather than treating, can save producers time and money and can improve overall cow well-being.

Departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Veterinary Science
Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
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Pages: 15