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Martha Yount


Cook Wild Kentucky: Introduction to Wild Game in Kentucky

3/23/2021 (new)
Authors: Elizabeth Coots, Jann Knappage, Annhall Norris, Gregg Rentfrow, Matthew Springer, Jackie Walters, Martha Yount

In Kentucky, many people enjoy being outdoors to hunt, fish, and trap. Kentucky is home to a wide range of wildlife with nearly 1,000 kinds of animals. We have the most elk this side of the Mississippi River. You can also find black bear, white-tailed deer, turkey, waterfowl, and bobwhite quail in our state.

Departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Family and Consumer Sciences, Forestry and Natural Resources, Woodford County
Series: Nutrition Education Program (NEP series)
Size: 1.45 mb
Pages: 5