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UK Ag Equine Programs Calendar, 2019
11/26/2018 (minor revision)

 UK Authors: Shane Bogle, Fernanda Camargo,
 Departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Ballard County,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
 Tags: horses

The information in this calendar is provided to aid owners in planning for the care and use of their horses. When necessary, information is discussed in the month prior to application to allow horse owners adequate time to plan for activities such as weed control, soil testing, and vaccinations. Contact your local veterinarian for health-related issues and your county extension agent for further information.

2,400 printed copies | 32 pages | 5,598 words | - | PDF: 12,000 kb

Flowering Dogwood Diseases
8/1/2017 (major revision)

 UK Authors: Sarah Stolz, Nicole Ward Gauthier
 Departments: County Extension, Plant Pathology
 Series: Woody Ornamental Disease: Plant Pathology Factsheet (PPFS-OR-W series)
 Tags: plant diseases

The flowering dogwood is one of the most popular ornamental trees in Kentucky landscapes. Different cultivars, as well as different species and hybrids, offer a variety of flower and plant characteristics. Unfortunately, some common diseases can threaten the health of dogwood in both residential and commercial settings.

web only | 6 pages | 586 words | 16 downloads | PDF: 500 kb

Diplodia Tip Blight of Pine
1/1/2015 (new)

 UK Authors: Julie Beale, D.J. Scully,
 Departments: County Extension, Plant Pathology
 Series: Woody Ornamental Disease: Plant Pathology Factsheet (PPFS-OR-W series)
 Tags: plant diseases

Tip blight is a serious disease of landscape pines in Kentucky. Pines such as Austrian (Pinus nigra), Scots (P. sylvestris), and Mugo (P. mugo) are most commonly affected. Other landscape conifers occasionally may be affected by tip blight as well. Tip blight disease has not been found on eastern white pine (P. strobus).

web only | 3 pages | 922 words | 4 downloads | PDF: 1,268 kb

Mobilizing Members, Volunteers and Leaders in Community Organizations: Calling the Group to Action: ANR Facilitator's Guide
6/25/2014 (new)

 UK Authors: D.J. Scully
 Departments: Community and Leadership Development, County Extension
 Series: Developing Organizational Leadership (CLD2 series)

Mobilizing is an important component of volunteer and community development; organizational participants must be mobilized in order for anything to be accomplished.

web only | 4 pages | 2,033 words | 8 downloads | PDF: 369 kb