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4-H Plant Science and Crops: Plant and Soil Science


4-H Agricultural Land Judging and Homesite Evaluation in Kentucky

4/17/2023 (minor revision)
Authors: Bob Pearce, Edwin Ritchey

Land judging is a way of appraising the physical nature and capability of soils. Certain soil properties, such as slope, depth, and color, that can be seen, felt, or measured, are reliable indicators of soil characteristics that impact crop growth and productivity. Land judging does not replace soil testing. Laboratory tests that determine the chemical and physical nature of soil help us predict plant response to lime and fertilizer, estimate the amount of a waste product that can be safely applied to the soil, and determine the limitations for uses such as homesites and roads.

Departments: 4-H Programs, Plant and Soil Sciences
Series: 4-H Plant Science and Crops: Plant and Soil Science (4BA series)
Size: 7.92 mb
Pages: 26