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Series: 4-H Plant Science and Crops: Plant and Soil Science

Land Judging Score Card
3/31/2015 (major revision)

Score sheet for the 4-H publication "Land Judging in Kentucky." | 4BA-09SE
web only | 2 pages | - | 32 downloads | PDF: 149 kb

4-H Land Judging in Kentucky
3/30/2015 (major revision)

Land judging is a way of appraising the physical nature and capability of soils. Certain soil properties, such as slope, depth and color, and others that can be seen, felt or measured, are reliable indicators of soil characteristics. This publication provides instruction on basic soil concepts that can be easily applied to agricultural, industrial, residential, and recreational land uses in Kentucky. It provides characteristics to be judged as well as a good working knowledge of soil. | 4BA-08MH
web only | 19 pages | 5,578 words | 65 downloads | PDF: 7,100 kb