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College publications are given 2-part "pub numbers" that are used to identify them. The first part (the prefix) is a set of letters that indicates which series the document belongs to. A series is a grouping of documents that share similar content. The second part of the pub number is just a sequential number.

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4-H Energy: General


4-H Energy Project 1

4/15/2006 (reprinted)
Authors: Dennis Goodman

Departments: 4-H Programs
Series: 4-H Energy: General (4HA series)
Size: 443 kb
Pages: 12


4-H Energy Project 4

6/1/2001 (minor revision)
Authors: George Duncan

Departments: 4-H Programs, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Series: 4-H Energy: General (4HA series)
Size: 409 kb
Pages: 16