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4-H Introductory, General, Miscellaneous: Exploring 4-H


Exploring Kentucky 4-H

1/25/2024 (major revision)
Authors: Jann Burks

Way to go! You have begun an exciting new adventure. It is called Exploring 4-H. You are a member of the largest club for young people in the world. The symbol for 4-H is a four-leaf clover. It means good luck. The color of the clover is bright green. There is a letter H on each of the four leaves of the clover. They stand for head, heart, hands, and health. The national motto for 4-H is "To Make the Best Better."

Departments: 4-H Programs
Series: 4-H Introductory, General, Miscellaneous: Exploring 4-H (4LA series)
Size: 2.09 mb
Pages: 17