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College publications are given 2-part "pub numbers" that are used to identify them. The first part (the prefix) is a set of letters that indicates which series the document belongs to. A series is a grouping of documents that share similar content.

The second part of the pub number is just a sequential number.

Series: Nature of Extension Programming

Adults as Learners: Teaching Adults in Extension
7/28/2014 (new)

 UK Authors: Tanya Dvorak
 Departments: Community and Leadership Development
 Series: Nature of Extension Programming (CLD4 series)

As an adult educator, it is important for you to better understand your adult audiences and their educational needs to ensure that Extension remains the world's largest non-formal educational program. Although teaching adults in a non-formal arena does not yield a formal degree or certification, the training or other education avenues are vital to their lives and businesses.

web only | 6 pages | 3,452 words | 43 downloads | PDF: 170 kb

Participatory Evaluation: Engaging Stakeholders in the Process
1/15/2014 (new)

 UK Authors: Ken Jones
 Departments: Community and Leadership Development
 Series: Nature of Extension Programming (CLD4 series)

In this age of accountability, organizations, agencies and individuals alike are held at higher standards to show their programs can make a difference. Hence, evaluation is a critical component of programming, whether it serves the development and implementation process or provides the results of a project funded by a grant.

web only | 3 pages | 1,680 words | 26 downloads | PDF: 180 kb