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Series: Family Resource Management

Health and Travel
7/2/2018 (new)

Getting sick on vacation is bad news. It has the potential to ruin the trip for everyone. Finding quality medical care while on vacation can be difficult as well. While you may not always be able to prevent illness when travelling, you can be adequately prepared to minimize your symptoms and to get back to reclining comfortably on the beach as soon as possible. Consider the following suggestions to prepare for the possibility of health complications while traveling. | FCS5-471
web only | 2 pages | 958 words | 4 downloads | PDF: 299 kb

Money and International Travel
7/2/2018 (new)

Deciding to go on a vacation is an exciting, and all too often stressful experience. Your fantasies of reading a good book while on the beach may be interrupted by intrusive financial concerns. How should you pay for your trip? How will you protect your finances while you are gone? Should you get travel insurance? What about scams or theft? There are numerous financial issues to take into account when planning a trip. Consider implementing some of the following strategies in order to protect your finances. | FCS5-470
web only | 3 pages | 1,375 words | 3 downloads | PDF: 481 kb

Travel Arrangements
7/2/2018 (new)

Going on a vacation is supposed to be a relaxing, stress free experience. Unfortunately, you cannot relax until you have made all of the arrangements for your vacation. Where will you go? How will you get there? How will you spend your time? Giving adequate forethought to get ready for your trip will make for a more enjoyable vacation. One option for consumers is to seek professional help from a travel agent or other travel professional. | FCS5-469
web only | 3 pages | 1,293 words | 6 downloads | PDF: 984 kb

International Travel: What You Need to Know Before You Go
7/2/2018 (new)

Individuals and families are planning leisure trips to destinations all over the world. Regardless of which international travel destination you choose, careful planning is a must. While planning an international trip may seem daunting, there are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that you have the best travel experience possible whether you are a novice or seasoned traveler. | FCS5-468
web only | 5 pages | 2,442 words | 6 downloads | PDF: 1,401 kb

Selecting a Major and Career for a Sound Financial Future
11/29/2017 (new)

Many students enter college not knowing what they want to study or what their career interests are. It is common for college freshmen and sophomores to have undeclared majors. Many students change their majors throughout their college career, and for a variety of reasons. It is not surprising that they might decide on a different career than they had in mind originally. Selecting your major is something to be passionate about. You also have to have the aptitude. When making your final decision, consider the economic value of your major. How much can you earn? Will you be able to live where you want? Will your education and internship opportunities lead where you want? | FCS5-467
web only | 5 pages | 1,925 words | 20 downloads | PDF: 528 kb

Don't Become a Victim of Educational Fraud and Student Debt
11/29/2017 (new)

Education is a stepping stone to greater opportunity in life. The more education and career training you have, the more you are likely to earn in your career. But education beyond high school is becoming increasingly expensive for students and families, and those who need it must find ways to pay. Each year, many students take out student loans in order to continue their education and prepare for good careers. They may, however, end up with overwhelming debt. This brings great financial strain, possibly for decades to come. | FCS5-466
web only | 4 pages | 2,225 words | 18 downloads | PDF: 458 kb

Planning Your Digital Estate
8/8/2017 (new)

With so much vital information stored online, the nature of estate planning has changed. Although you may still have many important documents in paper format, it is likely that much of your financial documents are digitized. It may seem obvious that important digital information such as online bank accounts should be addressed in estate planning, but other kinds of digital assets such as social media accounts, text messages, or even pictures stored in the cloud may have sentimental value for your loved ones. Email accounts and online retail accounts may house critical personal information that you may wish securely kept. Unfortunately, planning for these kinds of assets is typically neglected by individuals and their advisors. In order to ensure the safety and security of this kind of digital information, you will want to create a digital estate plan. | FCS5-465
web only | 3 pages | 1,347 words | 38 downloads | PDF: 350 kb

Downsizing Your Home: A Guide for Older Adults
7/20/2016 (new)

Downsizing to a smaller home has become a recent trend. Older adults in particular can benefit from such a move. Smaller homes typically require less maintenance and can result in significant savings for the homeowner because of lower utility bills, property taxes, and insurance. This publication will help you make decisions and plans for downsizing. | FCS5-464
web only | 4 pages | 1,610 words | 71 downloads | PDF: 476 kb

Investigating Your Health Insurance Options
12/10/2015 (new)

Identifying healthcare wants and needs for you and your family is an important first step to finding a healthcare plan that will provide adequate healthcare coverage at a sufficient price. This publication will help you determine a health care plan that will best suit your needs. | FCS5-463
web only | 6 pages | 2,509 words | 24 downloads | PDF: 1,418 kb

Managing Holiday Expenses: How to Reduce Spending to Decrease Stress
1/26/2015 (new)

This publication helps you plan for holiday expenses throughout the year and adopt new, lower-cost traditions to reduce the added stress and crunch on your wallet. | FCS5-462
web only | 4 pages | 1,914 words | 50 downloads | PDF: 527 kb

Estate Planning: a Glossary of Terms
7/2/2014 (reprinted)

| FCS5-428
500 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 39 downloads | PDF: 183 kb

Estate Planning: Federal and State Estate Taxes
7/2/2014 (reprinted)

When a person dies, the value of his or her estate is subject to federal estate taxes. Estate taxes must be paid before the executor can transfer ownership of the property to the heirs. A professional accountant or attorney who specializes in estate planning can help you calculate your potential estate tax. | FCS5-427
500 printed copies | 2 pages | 1,141 words | 75 downloads | PDF: 197 kb

Estate Planning: Trusts
7/2/2014 (reprinted)

| FCS5-426
500 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 38 downloads | PDF: 259 kb

Estate Planning: Wills and Probate in Kentucky
7/2/2014 (reprinted)

| FCS5-425
500 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 50 downloads | PDF: 245 kb

Estate Planning: Financial Planners
7/2/2014 (reprinted)

| FCS5-424
500 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 33 downloads | PDF: 173 kb

Estate Planning: Selecting Your Team
7/2/2014 (reprinted)

Attorneys who specialize in estate planning are the most likely legal professionals to be up-to-date on state and federal laws related to wills, trusts, and taxes. Choose one with estate planning experience to help assure that your plans are carried out correctly. If you are considering establishing a trust, choose an attorney who also has experience in writing trusts. | FCS5-423
500 printed copies | 4 pages | 1,593 words | 31 downloads | PDF: 175 kb

Estate Planning: Your Records and Personal Information
7/2/2014 (reprinted)

| FCS5-422
500 printed copies | 8 pages | - | 56 downloads | PDF: 207 kb

Estate Planning: Objectives
7/2/2014 (reprinted)

| FCS5-421
500 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 37 downloads | PDF: 184 kb

Estate Planning: Getting Started
7/2/2014 (reprinted)

Many people fail to make plans to transfer their property and possessions at the time of their death. Some people think such plans are only for the rich. Other people think that they can plan for the transfer later and then never take time to do it. Some people think they do not need estate planning and that everything will be all right for their families when they die. | FCS5-420
500 printed copies | 4 pages | 1,823 words | 47 downloads | PDF: 206 kb

Evaluating Your Health Insurance Needs
4/29/2014 (new)

Insurance provides financial security when the unexpected happens. Many people receive health insurance from their employers. People who are not working or are self-employed, retired, or who have too little or unaffordable coverage now have the opportunity to purchase health insurance through the Health Benefit Marketplace. Before purchasing health insurance, it may be helpful to spend some time considering what you need or want in a health insurance plan. | FCS5-461
web only | 4 pages | 1,981 words | 37 downloads | PDF: 546 kb

Savvy Sellers and Bargain Hunters: Basic Guidelines to Yard Sales and Consignment Shops
11/11/2013 (new)

This publication provides tips to be a successful seller or bargain hunter to help you maximize profits and savings. | FCS5-460
web only | 4 pages | 2,272 words | 59 downloads | PDF: 550 kb

Financial Considerations for Women: Planning for Life's Major Events
4/23/2013 (new)

Regardless of age, women need to be thinking about and planning for retirement. Retirement savings should start early. For many young women, retirement seems many years away. However, retirement investments grow over time, so it is important to start planning and saving early. | FCS5-459
web only | 3 pages | 1,786 words | 60 downloads | PDF: 364 kb

The Value of Continued Education
11/13/2012 (new)

For most students, high school is not the end of their career preparation. Education and training beyond high school provide greater opportunities for finding and keeping a job, particularly in tough economic times. Continued education can have an impact on family well-being. | FCS5-456
web only | 4 pages | 1,683 words | 30 downloads | PDF: 246 kb

Paying for Continued Education
11/13/2012 (new)

Various forms of continued education and training are available. They range from a four-year program at an expensive private college or university to a less expensive state university or even a community or technical college. Once you decide where you want to continue your education, you can search out the various forms of financial aid that are available, both from the educational institution itself and from outside sources. | FCS5-455
web only | 3 pages | 1,462 words | 86 downloads | PDF: 220 kb

Make Your Charitable Giving Count
11/13/2012 (new)

Many charities in the United States are competing for your money. Unfortunately, an estimated $20 billion intended for charitable contributions may end up in the pockets of fraudulent solicitors. With more than half a million federally recognized charities soliciting your contributions, your good intentions are not enough. To make the most of your charitable giving, you must carefully research charitable organizations before donating. | FCS5-454
web only | 3 pages | 1,311 words | 49 downloads | PDF: 204 kb

Alternatives to Identity Theft Protection Service
11/13/2012 (new)

When the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released their list of the top ten consumer complaints of 2010, identity theft once again topped the list. Many criminals realize how much easier it is to steal from consumers and businesses via identity theft and how much less likely they are to be caught. Unfortunately, their crimes find many victims. | FCS5-453
web only | 2 pages | 1,101 words | 47 downloads | PDF: 175 kb

Financial Strain and the Lemon Experience of Life
11/13/2012 (new)

If you find yourself facing financial strain, a common lemon experience, you can learn to deal with challenging economic conditions by rethinking your approach. By learning what is most important to you and your family, you can find new ways to make the most of your money and make your family happier in the process. | FCS5-452
web only | 3 pages | 1,688 words | 42 downloads | PDF: 193 kb

Maximizing Your Dollars in Retirement
10/9/2012 (new)

Developing a monthly budget for your retirement expenses can help you feel more prepared to adjust to rising prices and unexpected expenses. | FCS5-458
web only | 3 pages | 1,765 words | 59 downloads | PDF: 208 kb

Managing in Tough Times: Rebounding Your Finances after Recession
10/9/2012 (new)

Implementing good money management practices can help you rebound and allow you to be better prepared for future changes in the economy. | FCS5-457
web only | 4 pages | 2,254 words | 31 downloads | PDF: 213 kb

Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future: Youth
4/9/2012 (new)

The Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future: Youth program includes a variety of activities and learning lessons that may be used by those in the traditional classroom setting, an after-school program, 4-H youth development programs, home school programs, or by other groups interested in learning more about health and personal finance. | FCS5-451
web only | 74 pages | 15,304 words | 49 downloads | PDF: 11,500 kb

Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future: Helping Your Adolescent Plan for the Future
1/24/2012 (new)

Talking to your adolescent about goal setting can be an important first step in helping him/her visualize the future and the potential steps that need to be taken in order to turn a goal into a reality. | FCS5-450
web only | 7 pages | 1,136 words | 20 downloads | PDF: 1,117 kb

Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future: How Much Do I Really Cost?
1/24/2012 (new)

Communicating with your adolescent about household expenses and budgeting can help him/her begin to develop an understanding of how much it actually costs to live and to maintain a household. | FCS5-449
web only | 3 pages | 691 words | 19 downloads | PDF: 990 kb

Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future: Sending the Right Message
1/24/2012 (new)

Discussing your adolescent's decision-making process is important not only for him/her, but also to help you as a parent stay actively involved in the everyday decisions that he/she makes. | FCS5-448
web only | 4 pages | 763 words | 10 downloads | PDF: 697 kb

Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future: Getting the Most Out of Life
1/24/2012 (new)

Helping adolescents balance the risks and rewards of their food and drink choices now can help them make wise health and financial decisions in the future. | FCS5-447
web only | 5 pages | 1,252 words | 23 downloads | PDF: 1,011 kb

Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future: Count Your Beans
1/24/2012 (new)

Take time now to talk with your adolescent about a household budget and the difference between needs and wants. It will help him/her understand how to allocate money later in life. | FCS5-446
web only | 5 pages | 846 words | 38 downloads | PDF: 746 kb

Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future: Be a Rebel by Defying Risky Behaviors
1/24/2012 (new)

Using the activity that follows in this publication, you can explain to your adolescent that being rebellious is not always a bad thing, especially if he/she can defy a negative behavior. | FCS5-445
web only | 2 pages | 703 words | 12 downloads | PDF: 836 kb

The Economics of Purchasing a More Fuel-Efficient Vehicle
7/20/2011 (new)

A typical response to higher fuel prices is to consider trading your current vehicle for one that is more fuel efficient or even one that uses an alternative fuel. If you simply compare the cost of filling the tank, this decision seems to be a good one. | FCS5-444
web only | 4 pages | 1,111 words | 8 downloads | PDF: 768 kb

Preparing for the Unexpected: Disability Insurance
5/2/2011 (new)

Disability insurance is one of the most needed but most overlooked types of insurance. A disability can be just as financially devastating to a family as the death of a breadwinner. | FCS5-443
web only | 4 pages | 1,529 words | 17 downloads | PDF: 678 kb

After Death: How to Settle an Estate
3/11/2011 (reprinted)

| FCS5-436
200 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 44 downloads | PDF: 161 kb

How Others Can Help You Get Out of Debt
1/7/2009 (minor revision)

| FCS5-107
web only | 4 pages | - | 20 downloads | PDF: 181 kb

Family Communications About Money
1/7/2009 (minor revision)

| FCS5-106
web only | 8 pages | - | 8 downloads | PDF: 214 kb

Questions and Answers About Credit and Debt
1/7/2009 (minor revision)

| FCS5-105
web only | 8 pages | - | 14 downloads | PDF: 202 kb

How to Get Out of Debt
1/7/2009 (minor revision)

| FCS5-104
web only | 12 pages | - | 24 downloads | PDF: 410 kb

How to Manage Credit
1/7/2009 (minor revision)

| FCS5-103
web only | 8 pages | - | 11 downloads | PDF: 238 kb

Money Management: How to Keep Money in Your Pocket
1/7/2009 (minor revision)

| FCS5-102
web only | 4 pages | - | 25 downloads | PDF: 194 kb

How to Make Your Money Go Further
1/7/2009 (minor revision)

What do you have to show for the money you make each month? Do you have good health, two cars, a home, a large savings account? Or do you have a pile of debts and zero assets? | FCS5-101
web only | 16 pages | - | 30 downloads | PDF: 382 kb

Look Before You Leap: A Guide to the Legal and Financial Implications of Marriage and Remarriage in Kentucky
1/7/2008 (new)

| FCS5-442
120 printed copies | 24 pages | - | 10 downloads | PDF: 873 kb

Investing on a Shoestring
7/12/2007 (reprinted)

| FCS5-440
1,000 printed copies | 8 pages | - | 19 downloads | PDF: 287 kb

Investments: Investment Choices
7/12/2007 (reprinted)

| FCS5-438
1,000 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 10 downloads | PDF: 193 kb

The Wildcat Way to Wellness: Give Yourself a Financial Checkup
3/22/2007 (reprinted)

| FCS5-430
300 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 13 downloads | PDF: 136 kb

Retirement Planning
1/8/2007 (minor revision)

| FCS5-437
web only | 4 pages | - | 22 downloads | PDF: 265 kb

Finding Ways to Live on a Reduced Income
5/1/2006 (new)

| FCS5-441
1,000 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 37 downloads | PDF: 1,179 kb

Investments: How to Read the Financial Page
10/15/2005 (new)

| FCS5-439
2,000 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 14 downloads | PDF: 187 kb

Purchasing Laundry Appliances
4/1/2004 (new)

| FCS5-433
5,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 14 downloads | PDF: 110 kb

Purchasing a Range, Oven, or Cooktop
4/1/2004 (new)

| FCS5-432
5,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 10 downloads | PDF: 106 kb

Purchasing a Dishwasher
4/1/2004 (new)

| FCS5-431
5,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 9 downloads | PDF: 135 kb

How Finance Charges Are Calculated on Credit Card Accounts
7/31/1996 (reprinted)

| FCS5-111
2,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 8 downloads | PDF: 102 kb