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The Kentucky Master Logger Program is designed to enhance the logger’s ability to operate efficiently within the framework of constantly changing environmental and safety regulations.


Bad Actor Information & List

NOW IN EFFECT: Bad Actors who have not paid their civil penalties or completed all site remediation must notify the appropriate Division of Forestry regional prior to beginning a timber harvest. 402 KAR 3:050

How to become a bad actor:
When a logger and/or operator fails to comply with all rules and regulations specified in the Kentucky Forest Conservation Act, that person and or company will be placed on the ‘Bad Actor’ list.  This means that a specific water quality violation and/or violations have been created and not corrected for a particular logging site or sites. 

The logger and/or operator has failed to comply with the laws and regulations after going through the four-step enforcement process and administrative hearings.  The individual will remain on the list until they officially request to have their name removed.

How to get off the bad actor list:
If a logger and/or operator wants to have their name removed from the ‘Bad Actor’ list they must:

  1. Comply with any and all final orders against them, including fixing all sites and paying all fines.
  2. Request to have their designation removed by calling Timber Harvesting Compliance Section at Frankfort at 502-564-4496 or 800-866-0555.
  3. Sign an agreement which states that the logger will notify the local division of forestry office of every logging operation for the next two years.
  4. Must be ‘Notice of Violation’ free for that two year period.

For a complete list of bad actors including counties and dates of violations click here. (pdf)

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