KY Master Logger Program

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The Kentucky Master Logger Program is designed to enhance the logger’s ability to operate efficiently within the framework of constantly changing environmental and safety regulations.


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Hauling TImber on County Roads (2018) (pdf)
EAB Industry Note 2017: Cutting and Hauling Ash Logs (pdf)
EAB Industry Note 2017: Treatments Procedures for Ash Lumber, Firewood, Logs and Sawmill Residuals
EAB Industry Note 2017: Shipping and Hauling Ash (pdf)
EAB Industry Note August 2009
: EAB treatments (pdf)

EAB Industry Note June 2009: Quarantine on Ash Products (pdf)
(Only 2 credits allowed through quizzes for each 3 year period.):
Blackside Dace - (1 credit each per submitted quiz)
BMP Costs - (1 credit each per submitted quiz)
Portable Bridges - (1 credit each per submitted quiz)
Revegetation - (1 credit each per submitted quiz)

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LogJam Summer 2005
LogJam Fall 2005
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