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Plant and Soil Sciences Graduate Student Association (PSSGSA)



The mission of the PSSGSA is as follows:

The purpose of the PSSGSA is to foster the social, educational, and professional interests of the graduate students in the department.

The objectives/goals of the PSSGSA is as follows:

1. To provide a program of cultural and social enrichment for the graduate students of the University of Kentucky;

2. To promote high academic standards, maintain facilities and services for PSS graduate students at the University of Kentucky;

3. To represent the interests of graduate students to the faculty, staff and administration and other members of the University of Kentucky community;

4. To promote science awareness at the University level and in the community through various projects and activities;

5. To culminate the interdisciplinary efforts promoting collaboration and teamwork throughout the Plant and Soil Sciences disciplines in order to elevate student potential and accomplishments.


This graduate student association is open to the following graduate programs Plant & Soil Science, Crop Science, Soil Science, Plant Physiology, and Plant Pathology graduate students seeking either MS or PhD’s

Current officers:


Vice President:




Event Coordinator:

Faculty Advisor:

Administrative Support:

Keith D Allen

Tom Niehaus

Lavanya Dampanaboina

Daniela Sarti

Bin Cai

Love Gill

Joe Chappell

Cathy Bowers


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