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Andy Bailey

Burley and Dark Tobacco Production Guide, 2019-2020
12/4/2018 (major revision)

Under ideal conditions, growing a good crop of tobacco is relatively easy, but when conditions are challenging it takes good management skills and attention to detail to make tobacco a profitable crop. This publication is designed to provide the good manager with the latest information for the production of high yielding, good quality tobacco. | ID-160
6,000 printed copies | 84 pages | 68,090 words | 190 downloads | PDF: 4,150 kb

Comparison of Herbicide Systems for Dark Fire-Cured Tobacco: Plant and Soil Sciences Research Report (vol. 3, no. 1, 2014)
9/8/2014 (new)

Dark tobacco growers commonly ask which herbicide system has the least potential for crop injury and/or yield reduction and provides the most effective control of the weed spectrum typically encountered in western Kentucky and northwestern Tennessee tobacco fields. Due to the high value of dark tobacco, many growers use reduced rates of herbicides due to crop injury concerns, and often observe reduced weed control as a result. The objective of these experiments was to evaluate dark tobacco response and weed control where full rates of all available residual herbicide systems were used. |
web only | 10 pages | - | 17 downloads | PDF: 470 kb

Effect of Tray Type and Tray Covering on Wicking Speed, Germination, and Spiral Rooting of Tobacco: Plant and Soil Sciences Research Report (vol. 1, no. 3, 2012)
1/31/2013 (new)

Poor tray wicking and spiral rooting continue to be recurring concerns in tobacco float systems. The objectives of the research discussed here were to compare media wicking speed in two types of tobacco float trays, and to evaluate the effect of fabric tray covering on tobacco seed germination and spiral rooting. |
web only | 5 pages | - | 25 downloads | PDF: 385 kb

Double Crop Curing Dark Fired Tobacco
9/18/2007 (new)

Double crop curing is the practice of curing two crops of tobacco in the same barn and growing season. The practice of double crop curing has been utilized by some dark-fired tobacco growers for several years but has increased in recent years as growers have attempted to consolidate operations a nd incre a se efficienc y of production. Tobacco buying companies have started accepting the crop earlier than in the past to better accommodate this practice. | AGR-196
2,000 printed copies | 6 pages | - | 20 downloads | PDF: 190 kb

Dark Tobacco Sucker Control
7/11/2007 (minor revision)

| AGR-154
2,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 9 downloads | PDF: 163 kb

Dealing with Chemical Injury in Tobacco
3/1/2006 (minor revision)

| AGR-158
2,000 printed copies | 8 pages | - | 22 downloads | PDF: 612 kb

Harvesting, Curing, and Preparing Dark Air Cured Tobacco for Market
3/1/2006 (minor revision)

| AGR-153
2,000 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 17 downloads | PDF: 255 kb

Harvesting, Curing, and Preparing Dark Fired Tobacco for Market
3/1/2006 (minor revision)

| AGR-152
2,000 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 13 downloads | PDF: 284 kb

Proper Curing Management to Minimize Green Tobacco
1/30/2003 (new)

| AGR-177
2,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 16 downloads | PDF: 80 kb