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Jordyn Bush


Hay Sampling: Strategies for Getting a Good Sample

12/2/2020 (new)
Authors: Jordyn Bush, Jimmy Henning, Tom Keene, Chris Teutsch

Knowing the nutritional quality of forage and hay is an integral part of a profitable and efficient livestock operation. Accurate estimation of forage quality starts with obtaining a representative sample of the forage to be fed. Proper sampling technique is critical. Hay is preserved in different packages ranging from the small square bale weighing 40-50 lb to the large square bale weighing more than 1500 lb. In Kentucky, most hay is packaged in large round bales weighing between 500 and 1500 lb. Wrapped bale silage is also gaining popularity and should be sampled in a similar manner to large round hay bales with the exceptions listed here.

Departments: Plant and Soil Sciences
Series: Agronomy (AGR series)
Size: 5.16 mb
Pages: 3