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Somsubhra Chattopadhyay

Modeling Best Management Practices
10/20/2016 (new)

 UK Authors: Carmen Agouridis, Somsubhra Chattopadhyay,
 Departments: Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
 Series: Agricultural Engineering (AEN series)

Understanding the effectiveness of BMPs based on their location in the watershed and in relation to different types of pollutants is an important part of protecting waterbodies. One way to do this is with the use of models.

web only | 3 pages | 1,386 words | 50 downloads | PDF: 652 kb

Sediment Fingerprinting
2/9/2016 (new)

 UK Authors: Carmen Agouridis, Somsubhra Chattopadhyay
 Departments: Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
 Series: Agricultural Engineering (AEN series)

Sediments in waterbodies cause a number of problems such as harming aquatic habitats, filling reservoirs, and worsening flooding. High amounts of sediment in the water inhibit the ability of fish and aquatic macroinvertebrates to move, breathe, hunt and reproduce. Accumulated sediments in reservoirs reduces their useful life and increases costs associated with maintenance. Streams experiencing such sediment buildup carry less water during storm events.

web only | 4 pages | 1,721 words | 32 downloads | PDF: 1,506 kb