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Debbie Clouthier

Drying Food at Home
3/30/2017 (major revision)

Drying food at home has several advantages. It can help you save money, gain control over what's in your food, and preserve the bounty of summer gardens and orchards for your family's year-round enjoyment. | FCS3-501
web only | 16 pages | 7,532 words | 62 downloads | PDF: 375 kb

Home Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products
1/23/2017 (reviewed)

Home canning tomatoes and tomato products can help you save money and gain control over what's in your food while preserving the bounty of summer for your family's year-round enjoyment. The recipes included in this publication are research-based for safe home canning. | FCS3-580
web only | 14 pages | 4,029 words | 194 downloads | PDF: 577 kb

Home Canning Jams, Jellies and Other Soft Spreads
1/23/2017 (reviewed)

Home canning jams, jellies, and other soft spreads is fun and satisfying. Soft spreads all contain four main ingredients (fruit, sugar, pectin, and acid), and they differ only in their consistency. The formation of a gel depends on the right amount of each of the main ingredients. If you understand the science of gelling, all your soft spreads will be a success. | FCS3-579
web only | 12 pages | 3,368 words | 223 downloads | PDF: 524 kb

Home Canning Basics
1/23/2017 (reviewed)

People choose to can foods at home for many reasons: to preserve the harvest from their gardens or local farmers markets for year-round enjoyment; to gain more control over what is in their food by limiting or avoiding salt, sugar or preservatives; to save money; to get better-tasting canned foods; to follow family traditions; or just for the sense of satisfaction that home canning provides. | FCS3-578
web only | 6 pages | 2,913 words | 264 downloads | PDF: 436 kb

Table Etiquette
4/30/2013 (new)

A knowledge of table etiquette will help you feel comfortable at special occasions such as family celebrations, awards banquets and weddings, or when a potential employer invites you to lunch or dinner. | FCS1-411
web only | 3 pages | 1,390 words | 165 downloads | PDF: 303 kb