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Seth DeBolt


Wine Distribution for Small Farm Wineries in Kentucky

8/22/2017 (new)
Authors: Ryan Baumgardner, Seth DeBolt

Small farm wineries in the state of Kentucky face a major issue when they look to expand, through wholesale distribution, into retail outlets. Like many states, Kentucky uses a "three-tier system" of distribution, where wineries must sell their product to a distributor, who then can legally sell the product to retailers. But because small- to medium-sized wineries rarely produce a volume that is attractive to major brand distributors, their products either don't make it to the retail shelves, or are placed suboptimally for their target market. Here, we look at ways to address this issue in order to help promote the wine industry from the wholesale point-of-view.

Departments: Horticulture
Series: Horticulture (HO series)
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Pages: 3