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Don Ely

Body Condition Scoring Ewes
8/25/2017 (new)

Body condition scoring is a system of classifying breeding ewes on the basis of differences in body fat. While it is subjective, with practice it can be accurate enough to indicate the nutritional status of individual ewes as well as the entire flock. Thus, it allows the shepherd to identify, record, and adjust the feed intake of ewes determined to be thin, in average flesh, or fat. In the long run, this can save money for producers and/or prevent problems attributable to ewe condition. | ASC-228
50 printed copies | 5 pages | 1,567 words | 18 downloads | PDF: 2,200 kb

An Introduction to Sheep
12/16/2014 (new)

The information in this fact sheet was developed to provide a quick reference to the most frequently asked questions about sheep and sheep production. | ASC-219
50 printed copies | 5 pages | 3,221 words | 77 downloads | PDF: 1,072 kb

Is Creep Feeding Lambs a Profitable Undertaking?
9/8/2014 (new)

Creep feeding is a technique of providing feed to nursing lambs to supplement the milk they consume. Creep-fed lambs grow faster than noncreep-feds and are more aggressive in nursing ewes. This aggression stimulates greater ewe milk production which, in turn, increases creep feed intake because these lambs will be bigger at a given age. Typically, the creep diet is a grain-protein supplement mixture and is made available in an area constructed so lambs can enter, but ewes cannot. Some situations when it may be economical to creep feed are described in this document. | ASC-214
300 printed copies | 3 pages | 1,940 words | 27 downloads | PDF: 309 kb

2000 Kentucky Beef Cattle Research Report
10/1/1999 (new)

| PR-417
700 printed copies | - | - | 1 download | HTML: 4 kb

1998 Agronomy Research Report
7/1/1998 (new)

| PR-402
1,500 printed copies | 56 pages | - | 2 downloads | PDF: 403 kb

Economical Alternative Feeds for Sheep
4/1/1989 (new)

| ASC-119
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