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Endre Fink


Is Creep Feeding Lambs a Profitable Undertaking?

9/8/2014 (new)
Authors: Don Ely, Endre Fink

Creep feeding is a technique of providing feed to nursing lambs to supplement the milk they consume. Creep-fed lambs grow faster than noncreep-feds and are more aggressive in nursing ewes. This aggression stimulates greater ewe milk production which, in turn, increases creep feed intake because these lambs will be bigger at a given age. Typically, the creep diet is a grain-protein supplement mixture and is made available in an area constructed so lambs can enter, but ewes cannot. Some situations when it may be economical to creep feed are described in this document.

Departments: Animal and Food Sciences
Series: Animal Science (ASC series)
Size: 309 kb
Pages: 3