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Larry Grabau

Comparing No-Till and Tilled Wheat in Kentucky
8/26/2009 (new)

 UK Authors: Dottie Call, Larry Grabau, John
 Departments: Entomology, Plant and Soil Sciences,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
 Tags: farm crops, grain crops, small grains

Historically, wheat planting in Kentucky has involved tillage. With conventional tillage practices, most residues from the previous crop are cut and buried prior to seeding wheat. No-till wheat planting eliminates tillage and reduces soil erosion, particularly on sloping soils, as well as reducing labor, machinery, and energy costs.

1,000 printed copies | 10 pages | - | 9 downloads | PDF: 233 kb

2006 New Crop Opportunities Research Report
7/15/2006 (new)

 UK Authors: Bob Anderson, Doug Archbold,
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering,
 Series: Progress Report (PR series)

web only | 72 pages | - | 3 downloads | PDF: 1,359 kb

Agronomy Research Report, 2002
6/30/2002 (new)

 UK Authors: Bill Bruening, Dottie Call,
 Departments: Plant and Soil Sciences
 Series: Progress Report (PR series)

1,000 printed copies | 39 pages | - | 1 download | PDF: 322 kb

Agronomy Research Report 2000
7/10/2000 (new)

 UK Authors: Richard Barnheisel, Morris Bitzer,
 Departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering,
 Series: Progress Report (PR series)

2,500 printed copies | 55 pages | - | 5 downloads | PDF: 550 kb

1998 Agronomy Research Report
7/1/1998 (new)

 UK Authors: Richard Barnheisel, Mike Barrett,
 Departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Entomology, KTRDC
 Series: Progress Report (PR series)

1,500 printed copies | 56 pages | - | 4 downloads | PDF: 403 kb