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Dan Grigson


2015 Kentucky Silage Hybrid Performance Test

10/29/2015 (new)
Authors: David Appelman, Rickey Arnett, Dan Grigson, Chad Lee, Jerry Little, Nick Roy

Hybrids were evaluated for silage performance on cooperating farms. Representatives from seed companies submitted hybrids of their choosing. University of Kentucky personnel or third-party contractors planted the hybrid seeds. Farmers applied the soil fertility and pest management. University of Kentucky personnel harvested, weighed, chopped, and packaged corn for quality analysis. University personnel conducted the statistical analyses and final reporting of hybrid performance.

Departments: County Extension, Plant and Soil Sciences
Series: Progress Report (PR series)
Size: 271 kb
Pages: 4


Annual Ryegrass

9/15/2003 (new)
Authors: Mike Collins, Dan Grigson, Jimmy Henning, Garry Lacefield, Tim Phillips, Monroe Rasnake, Robert Spitaleri

Departments: Plant and Soil Sciences
Series: Agronomy (AGR series)
Size: 97 kb
Pages: 2


Agronomy Research Report 2000

7/10/2000 (new)
Authors: Richard Barnheisel, Morris Bitzer, Jimmie Calvert, Glenn Collins, Mike Collins, Mark Coyne, David Ditsch, Charles Dougherty, Larry Grabau, J.D. Green, Dan Grigson, John Grove, Dennis Hancock, Jimmy Henning, Jim Herbek, John James, John Johns, A.D. Karathanasis, Brenda Kennedy, Garry Lacefield, Eugene Lacefield, Len Lauriault, Bill Maksymowicz, Jim Martin, Bob Miller, Tom Mueller, Gregg Munshaw, Lloyd Murdock, Gary Palmer, Bob Pearce, Todd Pfeiffer, Chuck Poneleit, A.J. Powell, Monroe Rasnake, Edwin Ritchey, Scott Shearer, Frank Sikora, Robert Spitaleri, Norm Taylor, Charles Tutt, Dave Van Sanford, Paul Vincelli, Ken Wells, David Williams, Bill Witt

Departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, County Extension, Plant and Soil Sciences, Plant Pathology, Regulatory Services
Series: Progress Report (PR series)
Size: 550 kb
Pages: 55