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Greg Halich


Feeding Corn Silage to Beef Cattle

9/29/2020 (new)
Authors: Donna Amaral-Phillips, Greg Halich, Chad Lee, Jeff Lehmkuhler, Katherine VanValin

Kentucky is in the upper transition zone which allows for the growth of warm- and cool-season forages. Corn, a warm season grass, grows well in the state and may be harvested for either grain or silage. Corn harvested as silage can be an economical alternative for beef cattle. Implementing sound management strategies and determining the nutrient content to balance rations will allow for successful feeding of corn silage to beef cattle.

Departments: Agricultural Economics, Animal and Food Sciences, Plant and Soil Sciences
Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
Size: 690 kb
Pages: 4


Producer's Guide to Pasture-Based Beef Finishing

7/13/2020 (reprinted)
Authors: Greg Halich, Jeff Lehmkuhler, Lee Meyer, Gregg Rentfrow, Ray Smith

Will pasture-finished beef eventually become a commodity with lowered product prices? These and other questions must be evaluated by those considering pasture-based beef finishing. As with any new enterprise, however, the learning curve is steep, and success requires a commitment to working through the many production, marketing, and processing details. This reference guide provides a foundation for this process.

Departments: Agricultural Economics, Animal and Food Sciences, Plant and Soil Sciences
Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
Size: 1.51 mb
Pages: 48


A Comprehensive Guide to Soybean Management in Kentucky

6/7/2018 (new)
Authors: Ric Bessin, Carl Bradley, J.D. Green, John Grove, Greg Halich, Erin Haramoto, Carrie Knott, Chad Lee, Travis Legleiter, Josh McGrath, Sam McNeill, Javier Reyes, Edwin Ritchey, Montse Salmeron, Jordan Shockley, Claire Venard, Raul Villanueva, Ole Wendroth, Kiersten Wise, Xi Zhang

This publication provides information on soybean growth and development, principles of variety selection, and management practices to maximize soybean profitability in Kentucky.

Departments: Agricultural Economics, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Entomology, Plant and Soil Sciences, Plant Pathology
Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
Size: 38.99 mb
Pages: 84

Using the Futures Market to Predict Prices and Calculate Breakevens for Feeder Cattle

7/29/2013 (new)
Authors: Kenny Burdine, Greg Halich

The purpose of this publication is to show beef cattle producers how the feeder cattle futures market can be used to predict sale prices for cattle sold at a later date, and how those prices could be used to estimate what can be paid for calves placed into stocker and backgrounding programs. By using the futures market as a way to forecast prices, and by carefully considering expenses, a target purchase price can be estimated for calves placed into these programs. While there are many unknowns that producers must manage such as prices, gains, health challenges, death loss, etc, this type of breakeven analysis is crucial for anyone placing calves in today's market environment.

Departments: Agricultural Economics
Size: 110 kb
Pages: 13


Switchgrass for Bioenergy

5/1/2013 (minor revision)
Authors: Greg Halich, Cheryl Kaiser

Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) is a tall-growing, warm-season, perennial bunchgrass native to portions of Kentucky. Once a major component of the Midwestern prairies, switchgrass stands have dwindled as natural grasslands have given way to expanding farms and developments.

Departments: Agricultural Economics, Plant Pathology
Series: Crop Profiles: Center for Crop Diversification (CCD-CP series)
Size: 557 kb
Pages: 4


Drought-Stressed Corn Silage Valuation, 2012

2/6/2013 (new)
Authors: Kenny Burdine, Greg Halich, Jeff Lehmkuhler, Cory Walters

Extended dry conditions have impacted the corn crop severely in many areas of the state this year. As the condition of the corn crop deteriorates, many have been forced to look at salvage options such as cutting corn for silage and possibly hay for some fields. Due to the extreme weather conditions this year, this publication will focus on valuing drought-stressed corn silage.

Departments: Agricultural Economics, Animal and Food Sciences
Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
Size: 445 kb
Pages: 6


2012 Land Value and Cash Rent Survey

1/9/2013 (major revision)
Authors: Greg Halich, Sarah Lovett, Karen Pulliam

In January 2012, Agriculture and Natural Resource (ANR) agents were surveyed to estimate land values and rental rates for various types of farmland. This document summarizes the results from the agent survey. Dollar values are rounded to the nearest $5-$10 for rental rates and $100 for land values.

Departments: Agricultural Economics
Series: Agricultural Economics (AEC series)
Size: 728 kb
Pages: 4

2012 Kentucky Corn and Soybean ACRE Payment Prospects

7/1/2012 (new)
Authors: Greg Halich, Cory Walters

Departments: Agricultural Economics
Size: 116 kb


Profitability of Nitrogen Applications for Stockpiling Tall Fescue Pastures: 2011 Guide

10/5/2011 (new)
Authors: Kenny Burdine, Greg Halich, John Johns, Lloyd Murdock, Ray Smith

The concept of stockpiling is pretty straightforward, but the challenge each year is to determine the likelihood that this practice will be profitable given the economic and agronomic conditions present at mid-summer. This practice can yield significant benefits, but it also carries significant costs. These benefits and costs must be quantified and compared to assess the overall profitability of the practice.

Departments: Agricultural Economics, Animal and Food Sciences, Plant and Soil Sciences
Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
Size: 290 kb
Pages: 4

Understanding USDA's Livestock Risk Protection Insurance Program for Feeder Catle

7/1/2008 (new)
Authors: Kenny Burdine, Greg Halich

Departments: Agricultural Economics
Size: 60 kb
Pages: 7