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Dennis Hancock


Baleage: Frequently Asked Questions

3/5/2018 (new)
Authors: Mike Collins, Dennis Hancock, Jimmy Henning, Brandon Sears, Ray Smith, Chris Teutsch

Baled silage, or "baleage", is an excellent method for forage harvest, storage and feed efficiency. Baled silage allows forage to be harvested at higher whole plant moisture levels than required for dry hay. Baleage is ideal for spring cuttings of annual and perennial forages when seasonally frequent rainfall events provide little opportunity for properly curing dry hay. Many producers who want to harvest high quality small grain crops have found baleage to be a good fit for their operation.

Departments: Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Plant and Soil Sciences
Series: Agronomy (AGR series)
Size: 145 kb
Pages: 4


Agronomy Research Report 2000

7/10/2000 (new)
Authors: Richard Barnheisel, Morris Bitzer, Jimmie Calvert, Glenn Collins, Mike Collins, Mark Coyne, David Ditsch, Charles Dougherty, Larry Grabau, J.D. Green, Dan Grigson, John Grove, Dennis Hancock, Jimmy Henning, Jim Herbek, John James, John Johns, A.D. Karathanasis, Brenda Kennedy, Garry Lacefield, Eugene Lacefield, Len Lauriault, Bill Maksymowicz, Jim Martin, Bob Miller, Tom Mueller, Gregg Munshaw, Lloyd Murdock, Gary Palmer, Bob Pearce, Todd Pfeiffer, Chuck Poneleit, A.J. Powell, Monroe Rasnake, Edwin Ritchey, Scott Shearer, Frank Sikora, Robert Spitaleri, Norm Taylor, Charles Tutt, Dave Van Sanford, Paul Vincelli, Ken Wells, David Williams, Bill Witt

Departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, County Extension, Plant and Soil Sciences, Plant Pathology, Regulatory Services
Series: Progress Report (PR series)
Size: 550 kb
Pages: 55