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Miranda Hileman


MarketReady Producer Training Program

12/15/2017 (minor revision)
Authors: Matthew Ernst, Miranda Hileman

The MarketReady Producer Training Program instructs producers in the key business functions that small farmers and ranchers must manage as they seek to develop supplier relationships with restaurants, grocers, wholesalers, and foodservice buyers, including schools. While significant opportunity exists to build on the demand for local products in local markets, many farmers are hesitant or unprepared to meet the transactional requirements expected by these buyers to manage their own food safety, insurance, product quality, and traceability risks. MarketReady addresses these issues. After training, producers will be prepared for business transactions when selling a variety of products including dairy, fruits, meats and vegetables.

Departments: Agricultural Economics
Series: Marketing Profiles: Center for Crop Diversification (CCD-MP series)
Size: 1.60 mb
Pages: 3

Impact of the "Farms to Food Banks" Produce Sourcing Project

3/15/2013 (new)
Authors: Miranda Hileman, Tim Woods, Shang-Ho Yang

The Kentucky Association of Food Banks received a Specialty Crop Block Grant from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture in 2011 for the "Farms to Food Banks" program. This program was designed to increase consumption and awareness of fruits and vegetables among low-income consumers through a targeted local fresh produce distribution program. The University of Kentucky Food Systems Innovation Center assisted with an evaluation of the program toward the end of the 2012 marketing season. The primary objective of the evaluation was to determine how impactful the program was for food bank consumers. This report summarizes the results of food bank client intercept surveys by examining fresh produce consumption barriers and changes in consumption behavior.

Departments: Agricultural Economics
Size: 1.30 mb
Pages: 10

Best Practices for Sampling at Farmers Markets: A Practical Guide for Farmers Market Vendors

12/11/2012 (new)
Authors: Miranda Hileman, Tim Woods

This handbook is intended to assist farmers and farmers market managers understand the economic benefits and best practices of providing samples to farmers market patrons.

Departments: Agricultural Economics
Size: 14.00 mb
Pages: 58