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V.B. Holder


2012 Beef Research and Extension Report

1/7/2014 (new)
Authors: Glen Aiken, Les Anderson, Darrh Bullock, Roy Burris, Lowell Bush, J.R. Bussard, Andrew Foote, Ben Goff, David Harmon, V.B. Holder, Isabelle Kagan, Nicole Kenney, D.H. Kim, S.E. Kitts, Jim Klotz, Anne Koontz, Jeff Lehmkuhler, Kyle McLeod, Jim Strickland, Eric Vanzant, Bill Witt

The intent of this report is to provide highlights of our research and extension activities. We have a vested interest in the beef industry in the state and nation, and hope this report provides a window into our programs. We believe that after viewing this report, a greater appreciation will be garnered with respect to our involvement in the multiple fields of study related to beef production. The faculty, staff and student activities are advancing our understanding of basic science principles of livestock production as well as applied research that producers and the industry can benefit from immediately, as well as in the future. Extension educational programs, on-farm demonstrations, and other activities aid in transferring this knowledge to producers, allowing for increased awareness and adoption of management change.

Departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Plant and Soil Sciences, USDA-ARS
Series: Special Report (SR series)
Size: 975 kb
Pages: 40