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Krista Jacobsen

2018 Fruit and Vegetable Research Report
12/13/2018 (new)

 UK Authors: Doug Archbold, Ric Bessin,
 Departments: Entomology, Horticulture, Plant Pathology
 Series: Progress Report (PR series)
 Tags: farm crops, fruits and nuts, research,

Fruit and vegetable production continues to show sustained growth in Kentucky. As the industry grows around a diverse collec-tion of marketing tactics (wholesale, farmers markets, CSAs, and direct to restaurants) as well as various production systems, there continues to be a need for applied practical information to support the industry.

900 printed copies | 44 pages | - | 26 downloads | PDF: 6,838 kb

Off the Grid: Ultra-Low Pressure Drip Irrigation and Rainwater Catchment for Small Plots and High Tunnels
1/24/2018 (new)

 UK Authors: Krista Jacobsen, Brent Rowell
 Departments: Horticulture
 Series: Horticulture (HO series)
 Tags: equipment and structures, high tunnel

All forms of irrigation need a push or pressure to move water from its source to its destination. Water sources include wells, springs, lakes, creeks, canals, rivers, cisterns, elevated tanks, or municipal water supplies. The amount of pressure or push required depends on many things including the height water must be lifted, length and size of the delivery pipe(s), crop and size of the area to be irrigated, and the distance water needs to be moved from the source to the field, greenhouse, or tunnel.

400 printed copies | 12 pages | 3,615 words | 55 downloads | PDF: 9,416 kb

Organic Gardening: Kentucky Master Gardener Manual Chapter 18
5/7/2012 (new)

 UK Authors: Krista Jacobsen
 Departments: Horticulture
 Series: Horticulture (HO series)
 Tags: organic production

Organic gardening offers the gardener many benefits--a safe, low-chemical gardening environment, produce free from synthetic pesticide residues, and gardens that can increase in fertility and natural pest control over time. However, reaping the benefits of organic management requires planning, observation, and thinking about the garden as an interconnected system of soils, plants, pests, and beneficial organisms.

web only | 12 pages | 5,684 words | 101 downloads | PDF: 615 kb