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Kristen Janicki


Kentucky Horse Achievement Program Level 1

4/15/2006 (reprinted)
Authors: Kristen Janicki

In the 4-H Achievement Program you will have some "hands-on" experience of riding and caring for horses. You will also talk with veterinarians and horse trainers, visit places where horses are raised and read about horses.You do not need to own a horse to be a part of the 4-H Achievement Program. Your 4-H leader will help you find access to a horse you can ride as part of this project

Departments: 4-H Programs, Animal and Food Sciences
Series: 4-H Animals and Poultry: Horses and Ponies (4AF series)
Size: 487 kb
Pages: 12


Horse Judging Manual

7/1/2004 (minor revision)
Authors: Kristen Janicki

When you judge a horse--whether in a show, on an individual basis, or in a contest--you form an opinion or estimation about that horse. However, in order to form a valid opinion, you must have the following basic skills: 1) Be familiar with the horse. 2) Know the criteria used to judge horses. 3) Be able to recognize conformational faults.

Departments: Animal and Food Sciences
Series: Animal Science (ASC series)
Size: 992 kb
Pages: 28