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Amy Lawyer

My Mare's in Heat: Predicting and Recognizing Signs of Estrus
1/22/2018 (new)

You have heard the term frequently that a mare is in heat, but what does it mean exactly? Heat is the laymanís term for showing signs of estrus. Whether you are planning to breed your mare or not her body will continue to prepare to be pregnant. | ASC-235
web only | 2 pages | 1,125 words | 7 downloads | PDF: 85 kb

Understanding and Teaching Sportsmanship to Today's Youth
10/12/2015 (new)

Sportsmanship is fair play, respect for opponents, and gracious behavior in winning and losing. Sportsmanship takes ethics into a competitive realm. We can remain ethical yet fail to be a good sport; however it is impossible to exhibit good sportsmanship without also being ethical. | 4AF-06PO
web only | 2 pages | 1,011 words | 36 downloads | PDF: 117 kb

Hosting a Horse Show
10/23/2014 (major revision)

When planning a show, whether a world-class competition or a backyard fun show, the information in this publication will help you make your event a success. | 4AF-06MA
web only | 6 pages | 3,934 words | 54 downloads | PDF: 1,123 kb

Equine Viral Arteritis
11/14/2011 (new)

Equine viral arteritis (EVA) is a contagious disease of horses and other equine species caused by equine arteritis virus (EAV) that is found in horse populations in many countries. It was first isolated and identified in 1953 from the lung of an aborted fetus with characteristic pathologic changes in the smaller arteries, which is how the disease got its name. | ID-197
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