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Krista Lea

Estimating Carrying Capacity of Cool Season Pastures in Kentucky Using Web Soil Survey
8/10/2016 (new)

While many factors influence how many animals a farm can carry, soil type has a major influence and should be considered when purchasing, leasing, planning, or managing livestock on pastures. | AGR-222
250 printed copies | 16 pages | 1,629 words | 42 downloads | PDF: 4,214 kb

Wildlife Benefits of Switchgrass Production in Kentucky
7/26/2016 (new)

Switchgrass is a versatile grass that can be utilized for forage or biomass production. Establishing and maintaining switchgrass is also beneficial to many types of wildlife by providing suitable habitat and cover. | AGR-221
web only | 4 pages | 1,568 words | 20 downloads | PDF: 385 kb