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Krista Lea

Estimating Carrying Capacity of Cool Season Pastures in Kentucky Using Web Soil Survey
8/10/2016 (new)

 UK Authors: Krista Lea, Ray Smith
 Departments: Plant and Soil Sciences
 Series: Agronomy (AGR series)
 Tags: soil and land

While many factors influence how many animals a farm can carry, soil type has a major influence and should be considered when purchasing, leasing, planning, or managing livestock on pastures.

250 printed copies | 16 pages | 1,629 words | 46 downloads | PDF: 4,214 kb

Wildlife Benefits of Switchgrass Production in Kentucky
7/26/2016 (new)

 UK Authors: Tom Keene, Krista Lea, Laura Schw
 Departments: Plant and Soil Sciences
 Series: Agronomy (AGR series)

Switchgrass is a versatile grass that can be utilized for forage or biomass production. Establishing and maintaining switchgrass is also beneficial to many types of wildlife by providing suitable habitat and cover.

web only | 4 pages | 1,568 words | 21 downloads | PDF: 385 kb