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Lee Meyer

Producer's Guide to Pasture-Based Beef Finishing
10/6/2016 (reprinted)

 UK Authors: Greg Halich, Jeff Lehmkuhler,
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Animal and Food Sciences,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

Will pasture-finished beef eventually become a commodity with lowered product prices? These and other questions must be evaluated by those considering pasture-based beef finishing. As with any new enterprise, however, the learning curve is steep, and success requires a commitment to working through the many production, marketing, and processing details. This reference guide provides a foundation for this process.

700 printed copies | 48 pages | 24,457 words | 81 downloads | PDF: 1,505 kb

Grasshoppers Distribution: Lessons Learned and Lasting Legacy
1/28/2015 (new)

 UK Authors: Lilian Brislen, Lee Meyer, Tim W
 Departments: Agricultural Economics
 Series: Special Report (SR series)

Grasshoppers Distribution was a food hub in Louisville, Kentucky, that opened for business in 2007. The enterprise was launched by four producers who saw a need for agricultural diversification in a post-tobacco era and burgeoning opportunity in regional and sustainable food markets. This paper examines the story behind the evolution of the business and points to lessons that may be learned by others involved with similar efforts.

100 printed copies | 28 pages | 16,759 words | 19 downloads | PDF: 1,881 kb

Organic Corn Production in Kentucky
1/15/2015 (new)

 UK Authors: Chad Lee, Will Martin, Sam McNeill
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
 Tags: corn, farm crops, grain crops,

The number of organic dairy cows in Kentucky has been steadily increasing for years, yet there's not enough organic corn produced in the state to feed the growing herds. In short, a new market has developed in the state, but few local farmers are taking advantage of it. While Kentucky farmers are no strangers to corn, growing corn organically utilizes different management, cultural and marketing practices and requires new skills. And, importantly, organic production must follow an approved farm plan that allows farmers to sell their corn as certified organic. This publication is designed to be both an introduction to a new enterprise as well as a practical manual for those interested in pursuing organic corn production on their own farms.

2,000 printed copies | 30 pages | 19,856 words | 49 downloads | PDF: 2,600 kb

The Kentucky Agricultural Economic Outlook for 2012
12/1/2011 (new)

 UK Authors: Bobby Ammerman, Kenny Burdine,
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Forestry and Natural Resources

web only | 4 pages | - | 44 downloads | PDF: 153 kb

Climate Change: A Brief Summary for Kentucky Extension Agents
9/20/2011 (new)

 UK Authors: Tom Barnes, Ric Bessin, Jeffre
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Animal and Food Sciences,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

Nearly all climate science experts agree that global warming is occurring and that it is caused primarily by human activity. Regardless of what you may read on blogs or in the media, there is no meaningful scientific controversy on these points. The future impacts of global warming are difficult to predict, but the changes caused by greenhouse gases are expected to increasingly affect Kentucky agriculture.

2,000 printed copies | 4 pages | 1,975 words | 60 downloads | PDF: 250 kb

The Kentucky Beef Book
9/15/2005 (minor revision)

 UK Authors: Jim Akers, Les Anderson, Jose Bi
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Animal and Food Sciences,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
 Tags: livestock

10,000 printed copies | - | - | 30 downloads | HTML: 3 kb

2003 Research and Extension Beef Report
6/1/2004 (new)

 UK Authors: Jim Akers, Les Anderson, Darrh
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Agriculture and Natural Resources,
 Series: Special Report (SR series)

500 printed copies | 43 pages | - | 23 downloads | PDF: 481 kb

2003 Summary of the Five State Beef Initiative in Kentucky
5/30/2004 (new)

 UK Authors: Jim Akers, Kenny Burdine, John J
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Animal and Food Sciences,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

500 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 14 downloads | PDF: 309 kb

1995 Farm Bill
5/1/1995 (new)

 UK Authors: Craig Infanger, Steve Isaacs,
 Departments: Agricultural Economics
 Series: Agricultural Economics (AEC series)

600 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 11 downloads | PDF: 227 kb

Production-Oriented Lamb Marketing
6/1/1994 (reprinted)

 UK Authors: Monte Chappell, Lee Meyer
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Animal and Food Sciences
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

Grading and marketing lambs is the culmination of a year-long program. Decisions concerning marketing and the management of lambs still on the farm markedly affect the success of a sheep producing program. By its prices for different types of lambs, the market sends signals about what should be produced. Managers must look at price trends over time and compare them with production costs. Your income is the true measure of success in any production program. The steps to a good marketing program include analyzing both the market and the product you plan to market.

1,000 printed copies | - | - | 4 downloads | HTML: 31 kb

Using Drought-Stressed Corn Harvesting, Storage, Feeding, Pricing and Marketing
8/1/1988 (new)

 UK Authors: Donna Amaral-Phillips, Fred Benson,
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Animal and Food Sciences,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
 Tags: corn, farm crops, grain crops,

7,500 printed copies | - | - | 1 download | HTML: 32 kb