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Jacob Muller


Woodland Invasive Plant Management Series: Bush Honeysuckle

10/31/2023 (new)
Authors: John Cox, Ellen Crocker, Jacob Muller, Jeff Stringer, Billy Thomas

Several species of Asian bush honeysuckle in the genus Lonicera are invasive in North America. The most common invasive bush honeysuckle species in Kentucky is the Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) but other invasive honeysuckle species include L. morrowii, L. tatarica, L. x bella. These species, originally native to China, Korea and parts of Japan, were introduced to the U.S. as far back as the late 1800s and were promoted for conservation and wildlife uses in the 1960s and 1970s. Unfortunately, bush honeysuckles are still popular ornamental plants despite easily escaping into natural areas. The negative impact of dense stands of these species and the ease in which they can escape cultivation is a major concern across the region.

Departments: Forestry and Natural Resources
Series: Forestry and Natural Resources (FOR series)
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Pages: 6