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Melissa Newman

Foodborne Illness: Risks and Prevention
9/27/2016 (new)

 UK Authors: Melissa Newman, Gregg Rentfrow,
 Departments: Animal and Food Sciences
 Series: Animal Science (ASC series)

In recent memory, there has been a considerable increase in food recalls and foodborne illness outbreaks. To ensure food safety, everyone involved in the food production chain needs to understand the different factors that could contaminate food and lead to foodborne illness.

web only | 4 pages | 1,597 words | 40 downloads | PDF: 142 kb

Understanding Produce Safety Programs and Making a Food Safety Plan
4/4/2016 (new)

 UK Authors: Melissa Newman, Pam Sigler,
 Departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Program and Staff Development
 Series: Interprogram (IP series)

Safety of fresh vegetables and fruits is very important because these products are often consumed raw or are minimally processed. For the safety of consumers, farmers who produce our food must know the best practices available to produce, process, handle, and store fresh produce.

web only | 3 pages | 1,757 words | 60 downloads | PDF: 189 kb

2003 Research and Extension Beef Report
6/1/2004 (new)

 UK Authors: Jim Akers, Les Anderson, Darrh
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Agriculture and Natural Resources,
 Series: Special Report (SR series)

500 printed copies | 43 pages | - | 23 downloads | PDF: 481 kb