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Heather Norman-Burgdolf

Meal Kits: Are They Worth It?
4/10/2018 (new)

There is high demand for convenience in our society. As a result, meal kit services have become increasingly popular. These meal kits are mailed directly to your front door each week. These kits include recipes and pre-measured ingredients ready to be used right away. Some of the most popular services include BlueApron, HelloFresh, and Plated. Since their beginning in 2012, meal kit services have grown into a $2.2-billion-dollar industry. There are over 100 companies in the US providing meal kit services. | FCS3-610
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Shaking Down on Salt
2/9/2018 (new)

The demand for convenience and a change in eating habits have contributed to the popularity of dining out. Busy schedules often force people to eat on the run. Take out, frozen foods, and home-delivered meals are habits characteristic of many Americans. Meals eaten away from home can potentially contribute excess calories, fat, and sodium while limiting the intake of calcium, dietary fiber, and vitamins A and C. Excess snacking from calorie-laden, low nutrient-dense foods can lead to consuming too much fat and sugar. The two trends of dining out more and an increased interest in health, fitness, and nutrition seem to be incompatible, but with careful planning, healthful eating can be achieved regardless of our busy lives. | FCS3-609
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Fitting Nutrition into Your Busy Lifestyle
2/9/2018 (new)

Your overall nutrition picture depends on selections of food and serving sizes over a period of time. To make wise food choices you need to know a little about food and healthful cooking techniques. A balanced diet contains a wide variety of foods. The key to making good food choices is to plan. | FCS3-608
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Dining Out in a Healthy Way
2/9/2018 (new)

Sodium is an important mineral to the body. It helps keep body fluids in balance, helps the body to absorb certain nutrients, and also aids in muscle performance and sending nerve messages. Excessive sodium in the diet is linked with high blood pressure or hypertension. Hypertension can result in diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, or stroke. | FCS3-607
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Modifying Recipes
2/9/2018 (new)

To make recipe modification a common practice, we should frequently think about how increasing the nutrition of our recipes relates to our health. For example, lowering the amount of sodium in the diet over time through small recipe modifications may reduce risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. | FCS3-606
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Navigating the Grocery Store
2/9/2018 (new)

age American makes over 200 food and beverage-related choices each day. This number seems high, but it makes sense when we think about the decisions we make. We decide what food and beverages we will eat. We are exposed to a multitude of items in our grocery stores. We are bombarded with television advertisements to choose specific food. And there are many fast food restaurant options available in our communities. | FCS3-605
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Understanding Healthy Food Choices
2/9/2018 (new)

Have you ever heard that shopping the perimeter of a grocery store is healthier? Many healthy foods are on the outer walls of the store, yet several other healthy options are also tucked in the middle aisles. If you know what you are looking for and how to find them, several other items in the middle of the store should be on your grocery list. | FCS3-604
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