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Bob Pearce

Burley and Dark Tobacco Production Guide, 2017-2018
12/13/2016 (minor revision)

Under ideal conditions, growing a good crop of tobacco is relatively easy, but when conditions are challenging it takes good management skills and attention to detail to make tobacco a profitable crop. This publication is designed to provide the good manager with the latest information for the production of high yielding, good quality tobacco. | ID-160
9,000 printed copies | 76 pages | 65,319 words | 182 downloads | PDF: 3,714 kb

Fungicide Guide for Burley and Dark Tobacco, 2016
2/24/2016 (minor revision)

The number of fungicides that are registered for use on tobacco in Kentucky is relatively small in comparison to the large array of products available to producers of other crops. Although growers have a limited number of fungicides from which to choose, those that are available are effective against most of the major diseases of roots, stems, and foliage. | PPFS-AG-T-8
web only | 6 pages | 1,980 words | 8 downloads | PDF: 295 kb

Maintaining the Efficacy of Foliar Fungicides for Tobacco Disease Management
7/1/2015 (new)

Management of resistance to fungicides is based on alternating the use of particular modes of action, or FRAC groups, which essentially presents multiple different challenges to the fungal population. Overall, fungi that are naturally resistant to a mode of action are very rare in the environment. Challenging a population with multiple different modes of action will reduce the chance of developing widespread resistance, which will prolong the efficacy of these chemicals. | PPFS-AG-T-5
web only | 4 pages | 1,356 words | 10 downloads | PDF: 473 kb

Land Judging Score Card
3/31/2015 (major revision)

Score sheet for the 4-H publication "Land Judging in Kentucky." | 4BA-09SE
web only | 2 pages | - | 31 downloads | PDF: 149 kb

4-H Land Judging in Kentucky
3/30/2015 (major revision)

Land judging is a way of appraising the physical nature and capability of soils. Certain soil properties, such as slope, depth and color, and others that can be seen, felt or measured, are reliable indicators of soil characteristics. This publication provides instruction on basic soil concepts that can be easily applied to agricultural, industrial, residential, and recreational land uses in Kentucky. It provides characteristics to be judged as well as a good working knowledge of soil. | 4BA-08MH
web only | 19 pages | 5,578 words | 63 downloads | PDF: 7,100 kb

Limitations and Benefits to Cultivating Tobacco: Plant and Soil Sciences Research Report (vol. 3, no. 2, 2014)
9/8/2014 (new)

Historically, between-row cultivation for weed control has been an integral part of tobacco production. In one season, a grower might perform five or more cultivations and several hand weeding operations for adequate weed control. Early herbicide chemistries would control some weeds, but not all, forcing the producer to cultivate and hand weed. The development of better herbicides improved the range of weeds controlled, sometimes to the point that cultivation for weed control was not warranted. Many producers are so accustomed to cultivating they have forgotten why cultivation was necessary. The decision to cultivate should largely be based on the presence of weeds, but there are exceptions. |
web only | 4 pages | - | 20 downloads | PDF: 155 kb

Tillage and Subsoiling Effects on Soil Compaction and Yield of Burley Tobacco: Plant and Soil Sciences Research Report (vol. 1, no. 2, 2012)
1/31/2013 (new)

Historically, tobacco producers have relied heavily on surface tillage to prepare fields for transplanting. This study was established to determine how soil penetrometer resistance and burley tobacco yields were influenced by surface and subsurface tillage (subsoiling) on soils with no known compaction present. |
web only | 4 pages | - | 29 downloads | PDF: 350 kb

Introductory Safety Training for Tobacco Workers
7/25/2012 (new)

This safety bulletin is intended to offer introductory safety training to tobacco workers in conjunction with a farm walk-around. It was written as if you and your workers are standing in or around the object currently being discussed, e.g., a tractor, with you or a designated assistant pointing out the various safety issues listed in the bulletin. It is not meant to be used as a stand-alone bulletin, especially just in a room, unless you have already gone through the walk-around and are reviewing points or having a discussion. It must be used out by the barn, equipment, or other subject being discussed. | ID-204
2,500 printed copies | 16 pages | 2,237 words | 25 downloads | PDF: 476 kb

Sampling Plant Tissue for Nutrient Analysis
5/8/2007 (minor revision)

| AGR-92
2,000 printed copies | 6 pages | - | 16 downloads | PDF: 646 kb

Agronomy Research Report 2000
7/10/2000 (new)

| PR-432
2,500 printed copies | 55 pages | - | 3 downloads | PDF: 550 kb

Basics for Heating and Cooling Greenhouses
2/25/2000 (reprinted)

| ID-131
1,000 printed copies | 8 pages | - | 46 downloads | PDF: 637 kb

Measurement of Temperature Extremes in Tobacco Float Systems
2/1/2000 (new)

| AGR-176
3,000 printed copies | 8 pages | - | 14 downloads | PDF: 552 kb

Using Conductivity Meters for Nitrogen Management in Float Systems
6/30/1999 (new)

| AGR-174
1,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 7 downloads | PDF: 105 kb

Management of Tobacco Float Systems
1/10/1999 (new)

| ID-132
web only | 8 pages | - | 9 downloads | PDF: 445 kb

1998 Agronomy Research Report
7/1/1998 (new)

| PR-402
1,500 printed copies | 56 pages | - | 2 downloads | PDF: 403 kb

Water Quality Guidelines for Tobacco Float Systems
2/1/1996 (new)

| AGR-164
3,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 11 downloads | PDF: 196 kb

Selecting the Right Fertilizer for Tobacco Production in Float Systems
2/1/1996 (new)

| AGR-163
5,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 8 downloads | PDF: 180 kb